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The Seventh Tokyo Fiscal Forum
Fiscal Policy after the COVID-19 crisis:
Toward a Resilient, Inclusive, and Digital Future in Asia

Policy Research Institute (PRI), IMF (Fiscal Affairs Department), and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) held The Seventh Tokyo Fiscal Forum “Fiscal Policy after the COVID-19 crisis: Toward a Resilient, Inclusive, and Digital Future in Asia” on June 22 and 23, 2022.

Government officials and experts in fiscal policy from 21 countries in Asia and officials from international organizations such as the IMF and the World Bank intensively discussed ways to strengthen the credibility of public finances, Asia’s fiscal framework, fiscal needs for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and the digitalization of government operations.

Date : June 22 and 23
Venue : Online (Zoom)
Agenda : English(PDF:534KB)

Day 1: Wed, June 22

Welcome Address

11:00AM – 11:10AM

Mr. Vitor Gaspar (Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)

Mr. Juan Toro (Deputy Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)

Mr. Takeshi Kurihara (President, Policy Research Institute, MOF, Japan)

Opening Presentation: Macro-Fiscal Challenges in Asia—An Overview(PDF:395KB)

11:10AM – 11:25AM

Mr. Sanjaya Panth (Deputy Director, Asia and Pacific Department, IMF)

House Rules and Photo Session

11:25AM – 11:30AM

The Secretariat

Session 1: Strengthening the Credibility of Public Finances

11:30AM – 12:10PM

Moderator: Mr. Naoyuki Yoshino (Professor Emeritus, Keio University)



[1]Strengthening the Credibility of Public Finances(PDF:996KB)

Mr. Paolo Mauro (Deputy Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)

[2]Population Aging and Fiscal Policy(PDF:545KB)

Mr. Hiroaki Miyamoto (Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)

[3]Fiscal Risks Management(PDF:405KB)

Ms. Delphine Moretti (Regional Advisor, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)


Discussion and Q&A

12:10PM – 12:15PM

Coffee Break

Session 2: Digitalization of Government Operations

12:15PM – 13:00PM

Moderator: Mr. John Beirne (Vice-Chair of Research, ADBI)



[1]Country Case 1: Japan(PDF:354KB)

Mr. Junji Ueda (Director-General, Research and Administration Department, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance)

[2]Country Case 2: Malaysia(PDF:652KB)

Mr. Md Farishzan Ismail (Principal Assistant Director, Fiscal and Economics Division, Ministry of Finance)


Discussion and Q&A


Day 2: Wed, June 23

Session 3: Digitalization of Government Operations

11:00AM – 11:50AM

Moderator: Mr. Kentaro Katayama (Advisor, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)



[1]How to Achieve Inclusive Growth(PDF:1547KB)

Ms. Valerie Cerra (Assistant Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)

[2]Integrated National Financing Framework in Asia(PDF:486KB)

Mr. Thomas Beloe (Chief of Programme, Sustainable Finance Hub, UNDP)

[3]Long-term Macroeconomic Framework for Development Financing Strategies(PDF:470KB)

Ms. Dora Benedek (Deputy Division Chief, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)


Discussion and Q&A

11:50AM – 12:00PM

Coffee Break

Session 4: Digitalization of Government Operations

12:00PM – 12:50PM

Moderator: Mr. Takatoshi Ito (Professor, Columbia University and GRIPS)



[1]Digitization of Public Financial Management for Fiscal Control and Service Delivery(PDF:402KB)

Mr. Moritz Piatti (Senior Economist, World Bank)

[2]Country Case 1: Cambodia(PDF:407KB)

Mr. Maun Prathna (Deputy Secretary General, Permanent Vice Chairman of FMIS Project Management, Ministry of Economy and Finance)

[3]Country Case 2: Mongolia(PDF:1718KB)

Mr. Baatarsuren Batsaikhan (Head, Risk Management Department,General Department of Taxation)


Discussion and Q&A

Closing Remarks

12:50PM – 13:00PM

Mr. Tetsushi Sonobe (Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute)

Mr. Hironori Kawauchi (Vice President, Policy Research Institute, JMOF)




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