What is PRI?

The Policy Research Institute (PRI) is an organization to be inaugurated by the Ministry of Finance and conduct comprehensive surveys and studies with a greater policy oriented focus, amid the bigsocio-economic changes underway in Japan. >> more

What's New

Jan.    9, 2020PRI-CAFS Joint Seminar, Japan-China Think Tank Forum on Finance Policy (December 2019)
Dec.    27, 2019Public Policy Review December 2019 (Vol.15, No.2)
Dec.    25, 2019PRI Topics (October 2019)
Dec.    25, 2019PRI・IMF・ADBI「The Fifth Tokyo Fiscal Forum」(November 2019)
Dec.    13, 2019Phase2 / 3rd Seminar on SME Finance for Myanma Economic Bank (November, 2019)
Dec.    11, 2019Business Outlook Survey (October-December  2019)
Dec.    3, 2019International Cooperation by the Policy Research Institute
Dec.    2, 2019Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry (July-September, 2019)
Nov.    20, 2019PRI Topics (September 2019)
Oct.    30, 2019PRI Topics (August 2019)
Oct.    28, 2019MINISTRY OF FINANCE STATISTICS MONTHLY NO.798 "Annual Survey of Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry (FY2017)"
Oct.      9, 2019Bookkeeping Course for Elementary Examination Level (Sep, 2019)
Oct.      4, 2019We are accepting applications for the Visiting Scholar Program
Oct.      3, 2019PRI Topics (July 2019)
Oct.      2, 2019Mr. Shamshad Ahmad Khan's workshop material (August  2019)
Sep.    13, 20192nd Seminar on Support for the Ministry of Planning and Finance Academy (August  2019)
Sep.    11, 2019Business Outlook Survey (July-September  2019)
Sep.      5, 2019PRI Topics (June 2019)
Sep.      2, 2019Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry (FY2018,April-June,2019)
Aug.    14, 2019PRI Topics (May 2019)
July    29, 2019Public Policy Review July 2019 (Vol.15, No.1): International Capital Flows and Emerging Markets
July      1, 2019Visiting Uzbekistan to participate in Master’s defense of BFA Students (June 2019)
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PRI Topics

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Visiting Scholar Program

We are now accepting applications for Candidates of Fiscal Year 2019


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