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PRI・SAIS「Workshop on Political and Economic Future of the Bay of Bengal」(June 13,2018)new


PRI・IMF・ADBI Tokyo Fiscal Forum 2018 ”Strengthened fiscal management in Asia”June 4-5,2018


PRI・IMF・ADBI Tokyo Fiscal Forum 2017 “Fiscal policy under demographic change and radical uncertainties - Formulating sustainable policies for inclusive growth in Asia -” June 5-6,2017


Workshop on Aging Population in Asian Countries and Its impact on Fiscal Sustainability


PRI・IMF・ADBI Tokyo Fiscal Forum 2016 ”Fiscal Policy for Long-term Growth and Sustainability in Aging Societies:Achieving Sustainable Social Spending” June 6-7, 2016


PRI-IMF-ADBI Tokyo Fiscal Forum "Fiscal Policy for Long-Term Growth and Sustainability in Aging Societies" June 10 - 11, 2015


PRI-ADBI Conference "Strategies for Maintaining Fiscal Soundness in Aging Societies - How we balance fiscal soundness and social security - "on 6th March


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