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Public Policy Review

Public Policy Review is a research journal launched in 2005 to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Policy Research Institute. The Review presents the results of the Institute's high-quality research, and most of the articles in it are selected from Japanese-language articles published in Financial Review, another of the Institute's academic journals, with a view to disseminating research findings that are particularly relevant to recent and current economic issues in Japan and abroad. All articles in the Review represent their authors' opinions, and do not reflect the official view of the Japanese government. The articles are downloadable and available in English only.

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article markSeptember(Vol.14,No.5):Development and Integration of Financial Markets in Asia

article markJuly(Vol.14,No.4):Quantitative Analysis of Japan's Public Finance and Economy

article markJuly(Vol.14,No.3):Corporate Sector’s Financial Surplus and Corporate Governance

article markMarch(Vol.14,No.2):Tax System Reform - Evidence-Based Policy Recommendations

article markFebruary(Vol.14,No.1):Population Decline and Local Economies


article markNovember (Vol.13,No.3): Economic Growth Policy and Knowledge Creation

article markOctober (Vol.13, No.2): Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry

article markJune (Vol.13, No.1): Extensive Study on the Principle of Statute-Based Taxation


article markMarch (Vol.12, No.2): Economic Stability and Financial Regulation

article markMarch (Vol.12, No.1): Reconsideration of Social Infrastructure


article markOctober (Vol.11,No.5): Toward Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Health and Social Care in the Communities

article markSeptember (Vol.11, No.4): Statistical Consistency and Identification of Household Behavior

article markJuly (Vol.11, No.3): Corporate Governance

article markMarch (Vol.11, No.2): Fiscal Consolidation

article markMarch (Vol.11, No.1): China: Economic Policy and Political Regime under Xi Jinping


article markOctober (Vol.10, No.3)

article markAugust (Vol.10, No.2)

article markMarch (Vol.10, No.1)


article markSeptember (Vol.9, No.4)

article markSeptember (Vol.9, No.3)

article markMarch (Vol.9, No.2)

article markJanuary (Vol.9, No.1)


article markNovember (Vol.8, No.5)

article markOctober (Vol.8, No.4)

article markAugust (Vol.8, No.3)

article markJuly (Vol.8, No.2)

article markJune (Vol.8, No.1)


article markJuly (Vol.7, No.2)

article markJune (Vol.7, No.1)


article markSeptember (Vol.6, No.6)

article markJune (Vol.6, No.5)

article markApril (Vol.6, No.4)

article markMarch (Vol.6, No.3)

article markMarch (Vol.6, No.2)

article markFebruary (Vol.6, No.1)


article markNovember (Vol.5, No.2)

article markOctober (Vol.5, No.1)


article markDecember (Vol.4, No.1)


article markDecember (Vol.3, No.1)


article markJanuary (Vol.2, No.1)


article markMarch   (Vol.1, No.1)