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International Exchanges in February

February 17–23:Uzbekistan Visit (BFA support, etc.)

As one part of our intellectual support for countries transitioning to market economies, the Policy Research Institute (PRI) provides various types of support to the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA), a training entity for young management candidates from the Uzbekistan Ministry of Finance and similar organizations.

Mr. NAKAO Mutsumi, executive vice president of PRI, and Mr. MUNENAGA Kensaku, first vice rector of BFA and senior research fellow at PRI, visited Uzbekistan to not only exchange opinions with various Uzbekistan government parties, including Deputy Minister of Finance ASHRAFKHANOV Bakhrom, but also to conduct interviews to select BFA students who want to take part in the Seminar for Central Asian and Caucasian Countries 2019 scheduled to be held in Tokyo this summer. In addition, Mr. MUNENAGA gave a special lecture for BFA and Samarkand State University students.

Thr photo of Meeting with Mr. ASHRAFKHANOV Bakhrom, Deputy Minister of Finance
【Meeting with Mr. ASHRAFKHANOV Bakhrom, Deputy Minister of Finance】

Lunch Meeting

From a perspective of contributing to policy making at the Ministry of Finance, PRI invites a broad range of experts from in and outside the organization to give lectures so that we can obtain the latest information.

The following lecture was held in February.

February 6 (Wed)
Title :
Lecturer :
“Supporting Financial Infrastructure —Changes and Outlook in the Security Business”
Mr. HOKARI Hirohisa (Senior Managing Executive Officer, SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD. (ALSOK))
The photo Mr. HOKARI Hirohisa
【Mr. HOKARI Hirohisa】

Top Seminar for Staff

As part of the training of executive personnel, PRI holds Top Seminars for Staff, where lecturers active in various fields are invited to speak. The following seminar was held in February.

February 4 (Mon)
Title :
Lecturer :
“Sports in Transition, Creating the Future—What is Necessary to Raise the Value of Sports”
Mr. SUZUKI Daichi (Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency)
The Poto Mr. SUZUKI Daichi
【Mr. SUZUKI Daichi 】

Discussion Paper in February

Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Automobile Exports from Areas Not Hit by the Earthquake(Japanease only)

MORI Taijiro,
Researcher, Research and Administration Department, PRI

In this paper, I use trade statistics to analyze the impact that the Great East Japan Earthquake had on automobile exports from areas not hit by the earthquake. The analysis reveals that the earthquake had a statistically significant negative impact on exports from these areas, and it is highly possible that this was because of the disruption to the supply chain. It is, therefore, likely important to quickly restore supply chains after disasters.

Publication in February

Monthly Finance Review
No.546(January)STATISTICS (Released by Ministry of Finance)


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