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Based on the two themes of "Developments in Economic Analysis of Taxes and Transfers " and "Evaluation of Taxes and Transfers Reform," Vol.19 No.4 reviews economic studies on taxes and transfers in Europe and the United States and provides a survey and empirical analysis of recent studies on taxes and transfers reform in Japan, which yield various findings on taxes and transfers.

Bunching Estimation and Its Theoretical and Empirical Progress(PDF:710KB)

SUZUKI Takafumi

Development of Microsimulation and Burden Structure of Personal Income Taxation(PDF:429KB)


Behavioral Economics of Taxation and Benefits(PDF:259KB)

MORI Tomoharu

Changes in Effective Tax Rates due to Fundamental Corporate Tax Reforms: Analysis of Financing Neutrality Using a Forward-Looking Model(PDF:1049KB)

UEMURA Toshiyuki

A Survey on Policy Experiences in the Japanese Public Healthcare Systems: Effects of Patient Cost Sharing on Healthcare Utilization and Health(PDF:547KB)

YUDA Michio

The Employment and Earnings of Public Assistance Recipients and the Effects of the 2013 Reform in Japan(PDF:1336KB)

HAYASHI Masayoshi

Emergency Economic Response and Evaluation in the COVID-19 Crisis(PDF:360KB)


Reports and Papers

PRI Discussion Papers



Creation Date

Top Income Shares in Japan from the Survey and Tax Data in 2014 and 2019: Following the Distributional National Accounts Guidelines(PDF:460KB)

Keywords:Top income shares, Inequality, Distributional National Accounts (DINA), Survey data, Tax data, Net National Income (NNI)
JEL Classification: D3, E01, H2, J3
Visiting Scholar, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance
Masahiro Mikayama

Visiting Scholar, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance
Tomotsugu Imahori

Chief Economist, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance
Taro Ohno

Senior Economist, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance
Yasutaka Yoneta

Director-General, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance
Junji Ueda
October 2023



Policy Research Institute (PRI) held its “Seminar for Central Asian and Caucasian Countries 2023” from August 17 to September 8, 2023, for the first time in four years in person. This annual seminar is aimed at helping participating countries to develop their human resources, through the dissemination of knowledge and experiences regarding the Japanese public finance and economy to young executive candidates from finance ministries of developing countries, especially those in Asia, with which Japan has close social and economic relations.



International exchange and other events

The Policy Research Institute (PRI), the Fiscal Affairs Department of the IMF, and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) held The Eighth Tokyo Fiscal Forum “Building Resilience and Reshaping Fiscal Policy in Asia and the Pacific Region” on June 6 and 7, 2023 in person and online.

Government officials and experts in fiscal policy from 18 countries in Asia the Pacific and officials from international organizations intensively discussed "The Relevance of the Fiscal-Monetary Policy Mix for Disinflation" and "Global Cooperation and Climate Change" from a policy perspective, based on examples of initiatives in Asian and Pacific countries.





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