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Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing,
and Proliferation Financing (ML/TF/PF)
  • Money Laundering (ML)
    ML refers to the act that attempts to conceal or disguise the true nature of proceeds which are obtained through illicit means, namely criminal proceeds, to evade being detected or arrested by investigative authorities.
  • Terrorist Financing (TF)
    TF refers to the collection and provision of funds for terrorist attacks or terrorist organizations/individual terrorists.
  • Proliferation Financing (PF)
    PF refers to the provision of funds or financial services to parties that are subject to asset freezing and other measures for developing, possessing, or exporting weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons)
Why are AML/CFT/CPF measures necessary?
  • As threats of nuclear weapons, missiles and terrorism have been growing globally, it has become more important to disrupt money flowing to criminals, terrorists, etc. These challenges need to be addressed jointly by Japan and the international community.
  • Even if only one jurisdiction enhances its regulations, it’s not sufficient because malicious actors target jurisdictions where less strict regulations remain as a loophole. Therefore, international coordination is essential for these measures.
  • With citizens’ and business operators’ understanding and cooperation, we should promote these measures in light of domestic and foreign crime situations and social changes.
  • About AML/CFT/CPF

    The concept information on AML/CFT/CPF measures.

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  • AML/CFT/CPF in Japan

    Japan’s AML/CFT/CPF measures

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  • The FATF

    FATF’s activities that have been formulating international standards for AML/CFT/CPF and recent topics

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