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Thank you very much for accessing ourwebsite.

If you register your e-mail address on the Subscribe Page, we will notify you bye-mail each time new data is registered on our website.

Please pay heed to the following terms and conditions when using this service:

Terms and Conditions

  • This service uses an external e-mail transmission service.
  • This service does not handle traffic problems (i.e., delay or loss oftransmission) with regard to e-mail transmissions.
    In the case that the e-mail does not reach the recipient, it is not resent.
  • The Ministry of Finance reserves the right to suspend or discontinue thise-mail service after giving advance notice on the Ministry of Finance Homepage.
  • The Ministry of Finance is not responsible in any way for anything relatedto the suspension, delay or discontinuation of the operation of this service.
  • The handling of personal information in this service is made available to"Privacy Policy of Official Website of theMinistry of Finance".

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