PRI Topics(November, 2019)

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International exchanges in November

November 20 (Wednesday) – 21 (Thursday): The Fifth Tokyo Fiscal Forum “Implications of G20 Achievements for Asia”

Policy Research Institute (PRI), IMF (Fiscal Affairs Department), and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) held The Fifth Tokyo Fiscal Forum “Implications of G20 Achievements for Asia” on November 20-21, 2019, Tokyo, Japan.

Government officials and experts in fiscal policy from 19 countries in Asia and beyond had intensively discussed two following points: how to implement public investments in an effective and efficient manner while ensuring the macro-level as well as project-level debt sustainability, and how to keep fiscal sustainability under the demographic transition while coping properly with increasing needs on welfare. The discussion was conducted in terms of policy and academic aspects in light of the support from international organizations including IMF, WB, ADB and OECD, and challenges and case studies of each Asian developing countries.

Group photo
Group photo
November 5 (Tuesday) – 9 (Saturday): Visit to China (Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Haikou)
Joint Research with DRC: working meeting and visit to Shenzhen, Guangdong and Haikou, Hainan

The Policy Research Institute (PRI) and the Department of Macroeconomic Research of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) have been conducting joint research on “Macroeconomic consequence of changes in demographics and fiscal sustainability” as a research exchange since April 2018.

This time, PRI President and other staff of PRI attended the working meeting (interim debrief session) held in Guangzhou. In addition, they, together with people of DRC, visited Shenzhen for the inspection of digital innovation-related companies and for the exchange of opinions. Then, in Haikou, the troupe visited the China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD) to exchange views on China’s economic conditions and other issues.

  • November 5 (Tuesday) – 6 (Wednesday), 2019 Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • November 6 (Wednesday) – 8 (Friday), 2019 Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • November 8 (Friday) – 9 (Saturday), 2019 Haikou, Hainan, China

Working meeting in Guangzhou
【Working meeting in Guangzhou】
PRI President OSHIKA’s greeting at the working meeting
【PRI President OSHIKA’s greeting at the working meeting】
Opinion echagne in Shenzhen
【Opinion echagne in Shenzhen】
Group photo with CIRD
【Group photo with CIRD】

November 25 (Monday) – 28 (Thursday): Phase 2 / 3rd Seminar on SME Finance for Myanmar Economic Bank, and others

PRI, with the cooperation of the National Life Service Headquarters, Japan Finance Corporation, has been implementing technical cooperation on SME finance mainly for Myanmar Economic Bank (MEB). This time, we held the Phase 2 / 3rd Seminar in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, and we delivered lectures on the know-how of credit analysis for SME finance and human resource development for 40 participants, with the aim of developing in-house trainers at MEB.

In addition, we had several meetings and other events with the local government and relevant institutions. For example, we visited the Ministry of Planning and Finance to exchange views with Mr. Maung Win, Deputy Minister of Planning and Finance.

Seminar in Nay Pyi TawAfter the meeting with Deputy Minister of Planning and Finance
【Seminar in Nay Pyi Taw】【After the meeting with Deputy Minister of Planning and Finance】
November 29 (Friday ): PRI President OSHIKA’s meeting with Mr. Ohilov, visiting advisor to the Minister
of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Mr. Fazilov, Uzbekistan’s ambassador to Japan

As PRI has been providing intellectual support to the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA) of Uzbekistan, PRI President OSHIKA met Mr. Ohilov, an advisor to the Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who also served as the first president of BFA, and Mr. Fazilov, Uzbekistan’s ambassador to Japan. They exchanged views on issues such as support to BFA and the surrounding economic reform conditions.

Exchanging views
【Exchanging views】

Workshops and other events in November

November 15 (Friday): The First Meeting “Workshop on Population Decline and Economic Growth”

PRI decided to organize the Workshop on Population Decline and Economic Growth (Chairperson: Mr. DOI Takero, Professor, Keio University, concurrently Senior Research Fellow, PRI) and held the first meeting on November 15. The purpose of this Workshop is to conduct research and studies on what kind of measures are conceivable in business and industry, the labor market, globalization, and other fields, in order to enhance the productivity of the economy and maintain an affluent society in the face of declining population.

       Report :

       Lecture :
Economic Growth in the Face of Declining Population ~ What Comes into Sight from Structural Changes during the Heisei Period ~(PDF:618KB)
 ONO Minoru  Vice President, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance

Watershed Moment in the Fate of a Country
 David Atkinson CEO, Konishi Decorative Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.

Mr. David Atkinson
【Mr. David Atkinson】

Seminars and other events in November

Top Seminar for Staff

PRI holds the Top Seminar for Staff as part of its training for executive personnel by inviting lecturers who are active in various fields. The following seminars were held this month.

At the beginning, President OSHIKA delivered the opening speech on behalf of the host. In his speech, while mentioning that the Ministry of Finance has been working on organizational culture reform across the organization in order to restore the trust of the people, he asked Ms. SHIONO to give us a message concerning the modality of leadership and the like in light of the lecturer’s experiences and insights gained through her long-standing career as an author so that we can further enhance our abilities to plan and implement policies from here on. In the subsequent seminar, the lecturer and participants actively exchanged views.

November 11 (Monday)
Title :
Lecturer :
Japan in the Reiwa Period Seen from the Mediterranean Civilization
SHIONO Nanami (Author)
Ms. SHIONO Nanami
【Ms. SHIONO Nanami】

Lunch Meeting

PRI invites a broad range of experts from Japan and overseas to hear cutting-edge information which will be useful in contributing to the MOF’s policy planning. The following lectures were held in November.

November 22 (Friday)
Title :
Lecturer :
Will Immigrants and AI Bring about Changes in Japan?
OKINA Kunio (Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Regional Policy Design, Hosei University)
Mr. OKINA Kunio
【Mr. OKINA Kunio】
November 28 (Thursday)
Title :
Lecturer :
National Measures against Cyber Threats(PDF:161KB)
TSUCHIYA Motohiro (Dean, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University)
Mr. TSUCHIYA Motohiro
【Mr. TSUCHIYA Motohiro】

Research Debrief Session

PRI holds research debrief sessions mainly in order to present discussion papers and other studies.

The following session was held in November.

November 8 (Friday)


 Management Accounting Practices and Interorganizational Management Accounting, etc. at Hiroshima Regional Taxation Bureau
 ONISHI Junya (Visiting Scholar, PRI)
 TAKEMOTO Ryusuke (Tax Accountant, former Assistant Regional Commissioner, Second Taxation Department,Hiroshima Regional Taxation Bureau
 KOBAYASHI Shigemichi (Tax Accountant, former District Director, Okayama-Higashi Tax Office)
 OKUSAKO Kiminori (Tax Accountant, ex-District Director, Hiroshima-Higashi Tax Office)
 UMEDA Hiroshi (Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Takasaki City University of Economics)
 KASHIWAGI Megumi (Visiting Scholar, PRI)
 FUJINO Masashi (Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University)

Presentation by a Visiting Scholar

November 22 (Friday): Mr. Sivay Vilaihan (Deputy Director of Division, Fiscal Policy and Law Department, Ministry of Finance, Lao PDR)

Mr. Sivay Vilaihan, who is currently with us as a PRI visiting scholar, presented his research work on November 22 (Friday), under the theme of “Improving Domestic Revenue Mobilization in Lao PDR.”

Research presentation
【Research presentation】

Publication in November

DP (Discussion Paper)
Sorting Out the Issues of Interorganizational Management Accounting(PDF:1361KB)
Visiting Scholar, PRI
UMEDA Hiroshi,
Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Takasaki City
University of Economics

First, this paper gives an overview on how discussions on interorganizational management accounting have been developed. Then, after grasping the relevant discussions in adjacent fields to interorganizational management accounting, the paper succinctly presents, as a preliminary consideration toward future discussions, which fields of public administration will be suitable areas where interorganizational management accounting can be discussed.


Financial Review
No. 5 of 2019 (No. 140 [consecutive])
Special Edition: “Diverse Perspectives on the Conventional Regimes for Free Trade in the Current International Community

This paper discusses, from various angles, what kinds of significance and challenges are found in regional treaty systems in the wake of the current situation where regionalism is expanding with its impact increasing; and what kind of impact such regional treaties might have on the universal treaty system that has been led by the GATT/WTO System after World War II.

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