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International Transactions in Securities

Change with the review of the balance of payments statistics

Regarding net transactions in foreign securities by residents, International Transactions in Securities show net sales with a plus sign and net purchases with a minus sign. This convention will be reversed for transactions from January 2014 onward, where net purchases will be shown with a plus sign, while net sales will be shown with a minus sign.For more information about, please refer to Notification of the Revision of Balance of Payments Related Statistics in Japan.


Weekly; based on reports from designated major investors

Monthly; based on reports from designated major investors

  • Historical Data


Ten days of a monthCSV

・Purchases and Sales of Foreign Securities by Residents by Types of Investors
Equity and Investment Fund SharesCSV
Long-term Debt SecuritiesCSV
Short-term Debt SecuritiesCSV

Securities Issuance

Notice about Statistics