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The 16th Japan-Australia Economic Dialogue (November 1, 2022)

November 4, 2022

Ministry of Finance

The 16th Japan-Australia Economic Dialogue (November 1, 2022)

On November 1, the Treasury, Australia, led by Mr. Luke Yeaman, Deputy Secretary, Macroeconomic Group, and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) of Japan, led by Mr. KANDA, Masato, Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs, held the 16th officials-level Economic Dialogue in Canberra, Australia. The overview of the dialogue is as follows.

  1. In this dialogue, the participants frankly exchanged their views on global economic outlook, domestic macroeconomic situations in both countries, and major global economic challenges such as debt issues in developing countries, digital economy, and climate change. The gist of the dialogue was summarized and released as the “Joint Statement on the Japan-Australia Economic Dialogue(PDF:126KB)”.
  2. The dialogue was followed by a roundtable policy discussion on economic security, joined by the officials from the Treasury, Australia, the Ministry of Finance of Japan, and related Australian government agencies. At the roundtable discussion, the participants explored opportunities for further bilateral co-operation between Australia and Japan in the area of economic security through discussing issues such as supply chain resilience and the needs of critical infrastructure investment in the Asia Pacific Region.