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Warning against the fictitious certificate named Kanpukin Zandaka Kakuninsho

Ministry of Finance
The Japanese Government

July 1, 2011

Warning against the fictitious certificate named
"Kanpukin Zandaka Kakuninsho"("Refund Outstanding Certificate")

  A "Kanpukin Zandaka Kakuninsho"("Refund Outstanding Certificate") is a fictitious certificate which has allegedly been issued by the Japanese Minister of Finance to certify the existence of a remaining balance on a Japanese government bond refund. It claims to confirm that the Japanese Minister of Finance will exchange the amount specified for an equivalent amount of Japanese government bonds.

  Some of the perpetrators who attempted to receive money by using this certificate have already been arrested by the police since 1984, however, the fraudulent use of such fictitious certificate continues to be reported. Ministry of Finance even today receives numerous inquiries in this regard. 

  Please note that the Ministry of Finance has never issued such certificate, nor does such certificate have a legal foundation for its existence. 

  Please consult the police, if you hear the moneymaking scheme using such a fictitious certificate.


 【An example of the fictitious certificate "Kanpukin Zandaka Kakuninsho"


  The face value of fictitious certificates vary: 10 billion yen("100億円"), 500 billion yen("5000億円") etc. On some certificates, falsified endorsements of Financial Bureau, Ministry of Finance may be found.


[An example of obverse side]
Kanpukin Zandaka Kakuninsho


[An example of reverse side with falsified endorsements]