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Message from the Financial Bureau

The Japanese government raises a vast amount of funds, mainly from financial markets, through various activities including borrowings and government bonds (JGBs) and Financing Bills issues. These funding activities are supported by a vast number of domestic and overseas investors and intermediaries from around the world.

It is, therefore, crucial to maintain their confidence in the capacity of the government to manage stable issuance of JGBs and Financing Bills and to repay its outstanding debt. In order to achieve this goal, we, the Ministry of Finance, are actively engaged in disclosure of information and Dialogue with market participants. We also constantly review our debt management policies.

Given the importance of such government debt management activities and for more appropriate implementation of debt management policies, we consider it crucial to carry out individual policies and measures, improve our accountability, and thereby gain understanding and trust of the public in the government debt management process. In 2009, we therefore have renewed the JGB website.

We hope that these web pages will contribute to a deeper understanding of the government debt management efforts and the state of public debts.