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Auction Calendar April 2021

(1) Government Bonds and Treasury Discount Bills

Auction DateIssueAuction
Non-price -
Auction II
Apr. 1, 202110-year(362)DetailDetailDetail
Apr. 2, 2021Treasury Discount Bills (3-month)(984)DetailDetail
Apr. 6, 202130-year(70)DetailDetailDetail
Apr. 8, 2021Treasury Discount Bills (6-month)(985)DetailDetail
Apr. 8, 20215-year(147)DetailDetailDetail
Apr. 9, 2021Treasury Discount Bills (3-month)(986)DetailDetail
Apr. 13, 2021Liquidity Enhancement Auction
(remaining maturities of 15.5-39 years)
Issues Re-opened
Apr. 15, 2021Liquidity Enhancement Auction
(remaining maturities of 5-15.5 years)
Issues Re-opened
Apr. 16, 2021Treasury Discount Bills (3-month)(987)DetailDetail
Apr. 19, 2021Treasury Discount Bills (1-year)(988)DetailDetail
Apr. 20, 202120-year(176)DetailDetailDetail
Apr. 22, 2021Treasury Discount Bills (6-month)(989)DetailDetail
Apr. 23, 2021Treasury Discount Bills (3-month)(990)DetailDetail
Apr. 28, 20212-year(424)DetailDetailDetail

(2) Buy-back

Buy-back Results (Mar.2021)

(3) Borrowing

Auction DateBorrowing DateIssue
Apr. 1, 2021Apr. 9, 2021Borrowing of Special Account for the Allotment of Local Allocation Tax and Local Transfer Tax
(Approx. 6-month)
Apr. 6, 2021Apr. 16, 2021
Apr. 14, 2021Apr. 23, 2021
Apr. 20, 2021May 7, 2021
Apr. 23, 2021May 11, 2021
Apr. 28, 2021May 14, 2021
Apr. 9, 2021Apr. 20, 2021Borrowing of Special Account for Energy Policy
(Approx. 12-month)


  1. The above calendar may be changed or added in light of changes in circumstances. In such cases, it will be announced in advance.
  2. Each issue amount will be announced about one week prior to each auction date.