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Dissemination of release schedule

September 10, 2003
Ministry of  Finance
Dissemination of release schedule for Balance of Payments Statistics, External Debt Statistics and International Investment Position
Ministry of Finance(MOF) decided to disseminate release schedule for monthly Balance of Payments Statistics(BOP) up to future 6 months. Release schedule for the 3 months after the next quarter are to be released in the last month of each quarter. Release schedule for quarterly figures of External Debt Statistics(EDS) and International Investment Position(IIP)* is to be released at the same time. The schedule from October 2003 to March 2004 is as follows:

* Please refer to Public Notice on August 8, 2003 on the MOF's website.
Release Schedule BOPs External Debt and IIP
   Thursday, October 9
August 2003 (Provisional)
April-June 2003 (Revised)
   Wednesday, November 12 September 2003 (Provisional)
First half of FY2003 (Provisional)
   Wednesday, December 10 October 2003 (Provisional)
First half of CY2003 (Regional)
End of September 2003
   (Provisional estimate)
End of June 2003
   (Revised estimate)
   Wednesday, January 14
November 2003 (Provisional)
July-September (Revised)
   Thursday, February 12 December 2003 (Provisional)
CY 2003 (Provisional)
   Wednesday, March 10 January 2004 (Provisional) End of December 2003
   (Provisional estimate)
End of September 2003
   (Revised estimate)
The release schedule for BOP, EDS and IIP from April to June 2004 are to be released in this December and is to be extended for 3 months in the last month of every quarter.
The release schedule is subject to change and the revised schedule is to be informed as soon as possible in the MOF's Website in case where the change took place.