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The 5th Japan-UK Financial Dialogue (November 27, 2023)

November 27, 2023

The 5th Japan-UK Financial Dialogue (November 27, 2023)

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On November 27, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) of Japan, led by Mr. KANDA Masato, Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs, and His Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) of the United Kingdom, led by Ms. Lindsey WHYTE, Director-General of International Finance, held the 5th officials-level Financial Dialogue in Tokyo, Japan. The overview of the dialogue is as follows.

  1. In the morning session, held jointly with the Financial Services Agency (Japan-UK Financial Regulatory Forum), the participants candidly exchanged their views on challenges in the global economy and domestic economies of both countries and responses to the digital economy.
  2. In the afternoon session, the participants agreed to work more closely and promote cooperation between Japan and the UK on key issues such as support for Ukraine, Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) evolution, IMF reform, global debt issues, international taxation and strengthening supply chain resilience including through RISE.
  3. The gist of the dialogue was summarized and released as the “Japan-UK Financial Dialogue and Financial Regulatory Forum Joint Statement(PDF:150KB)”.
  4. They agreed to hold the 6th Financial Dialogue in London.