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Notice about Statistics

Release DateSubject
Oct. 9, 2018Recording of Travel Expenditure of Foreign Cruise Travelers in Travel in Japan's Balance of Payments Statistics 
Jul. 9, 2018Release of the "Regional Direct Investment Position (Inward Investment)(Ultimate Investor)"
May 25, 2018Addition of a New Item to the Portfolio Investment Position by Currency and type of Securities in the International Investment Position
May 26, 2017Expansion of Released Countries for Regional Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment Position (Assets)
May 26, 2017Correction of Figures for “Direct Investment Position(by Region and Industry)”
May 14, 2015Correction of Seasonally-adjusted Figures for Balance of Payments Statistics
Mar. 9, 2015Annual Revision of Balance of Payments Related Statistics in Japan
Mar. 11, 2014Correction of Figures for “External Assets and Liabilities of Banks, etc.”
Oct. 8, 2013Notification of the Revision of Balance of Payments Related Statistics in Japan(PDF:22KB) 
Dec. 10, 2012Revision of Balance of Payments and International Investment Position(PDF:235KB)
Apr. 9, 2012Revision of Balance of Payments(PDF:306KB)
Apr. 8, 2011Revision of Balance of Payments(PDF:215KB)
Feb. 8, 2010Revision of Balance of Payments(PDF:536KB)
Jan. 12, 2010Recording of SDR Allocations in the Balance of Payments Statistics(PDF:15KB)
Jul. 8, 2009Updating of Source Data for "Travel" in the Balance of Payments Statistics(PDF:37KB)
Apr. 8, 2009Revision of Balance of Payments(PDF:511KB)
Nov. 12, 2007Revisions of the Categories of Outward Portfolio Investors in the Balance of Payments Statistics(PDF:21KB)
Jul. 11, 2007Release of the Data for the Balance of Payments between Japan and Viet Nam(PDF:135KB)
May 25, 2007Release of the Market-Value Estimate of the Direct Investment Position(PDF:133KB)
May 25, 2007Change in the Method for Compiling Direct Investment Position(PDF:67KB)
Jul. 4, 2006Change in the Method for Compiling "Travel" in the Balance of Payments Statistics(PDF:47KB)
Apr. 12, 2006Expansion of Released Items of Outward / Inward Direct Investment(PDF:92KB)
Mar. 13, 2006Expansion of data source for “workers’ remittance”(PDF:89KB)
Feb. 20, 2006Revision of the Method for Calculating Reinvested Earnings(PDF:49KB)
Jun. 9, 2005Partial Revision of Time-Series Data for Regional Balance of Payments(PDF:41KB)
Apr. 12, 2004Resumption of the Dissemination of Data Regarding the Sub-components of "Business" and "Personal" Under "Travel" in Balance of Payments Statistics
Sep. 10, 2003Dissemination of release schedule for Balance of Payments Statistics, External Debt Statistics and International Investment Position
Feb. 14, 2002Modification of Structure on Financial Derivatives
Mar. 14, 2001Public Notice on ''Balance of Payments'' and so on.