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(1) Functions of Internal Subdivisions

Minister’s Secretariat

Overall co-ordination and adjustment of the competent administration; matters concerning personnel management and accounts of the Ministry of Finance; investigation and research of matters necessary for the competent administration; investigation, planning and drafting of the Government financial institutions system; matters concerning earthquake re-insurance; planning and drafting of matters concerning financial crisis management; supervision of the Deposit Insurance Corporation, etc.


Budget Bureau

Planning, drafting and consolidation of budget system, settlement of accounts system and accounting system.


Tax Bureau

Planning and drafting of systems concerning taxes and estimation of tax revenue


Customs and Tariff Bureau

Planning and drafting of systems concerning Customs duties; planning and drafting of international treaties concerning Customs duties; supervision of Customs operations; compilation of Customs statistics, etc.


Financial Bureau

Matters concerning treasury system, government debt management, local bonds, issuance of coins, the Fiscal Investment and Loan Program, national property, the tobacco industry, the salt industry, ensuring proper management of operations and organization of the Bank of Japan, etc.


International Bureau

Investigation, planning and drafting of matters concerning foreign exchange and international monetary systems and their stability; adjustment of balance of payments; management of the Foreign Exchange Special Account; matters concerning foreign exchange rates; matters concerning international organizations related to economic cooperation or development; matters concerning overseas loans and investment, etc.


(2) Functions of Facilities

Policy Research Institute

Basic and comprehensive study and research concerning policies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and fiscal and economic at home and abroad


Accounting Center

Research concerning settlement of state accounts by the electronic information processing system and its management


Central Customs Laboratory

Chemical analysis, etc., requiring highly advanced specialized skills concerning export and import clearance


Customs Training Institute

Management of training of Ministry of Finance officials concerning matters necessary for Customs administration


(3) Function of Local Branch Offices

Local Finance Bureau

Inspection and investigation of the implementation status of state budget; statistical surveys on incorporated enterprises; supervision of matters concerning tobacco businesses; management and investment of fiscal loans; investigation of local economy and fiscal conditions; management and disposal of national property; matters entrusted by the Financial Services Agency, such as inspection and supervision of local private financial institutions, supervision concerning securities transactions, examination of securities submitted, management of certified public accountant examinations, etc.



Imposition and collection of customs duties, tonnage dues and special tonnage dues; control of export and import goods, vessels, aircraft and passengers; licensing of customhouse brokerage; supervision of customhouse brokers; management of national examination for customhouse brokers, etc.


(4) Functions of Independent Organs

National Tax Agency

Assessment and collection of national tax; management of Certified Public Tax Accountant system; licence issuance for liquor manufactures and sales, etc.