PRI Topics(April, 2019)

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International Exchanges in April

April 8 (Monday): Renewal of Memorandum of Incorporation
with the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER)

The Policy Research Institute (PRI) has been conducting joint research with the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER). On April 8, 2019, PRI and ICRIER renewed the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) for promotion of research exchanges. On the occasion of signing the MOI, PRI President MINAMI and ICRIER Director & Chief Executive KATHURIA exchanged opinions with regard to future joint research and other topics.

MOI signing ceremony1MOI signing ceremony2
【MOI signing ceremony: PRI President MINAMI (left) and ICRIER Director & Chief Executive KATHURIA (right)】

Workshops and other events in April

April 9 (Tuesday) and April 19 (Friday): The 3rd and the 4th meetings of the Workshop on Innovations in the Digital Age

The PRI has been holding workshops on timely themes closely related to finance and the economy every fiscal year. For FY2018, the institute has been holding the Workshop on Innovations in the Digital Age (chaired by Professor YANAGAWA Noriyuki (The University of Tokyo)) under the theme of digitalization of the economy and held the 3rd and the 4th meetings on April 9 and April 19, respectively.

PRI Workshop

Before publishing a discussion paper, PRI holds a PRI Workshop to discuss its content in the institute.

The following meetings were held on the dates given.

April 19 (Friday)
Title :
Presenters :
Global Imbalances and IMF’s External Balance Assessment (EBA) Model
UEDA Kenichi (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo)
HATTORI Takahiro (Researcher, Research and Administration Department, PRI)

April 25 (Thursday)
Title :

Presenters :

Commentators :
Discussion on Administrative Management Accounting and RPA / Calculation of Economic Performance / Useful Life
ONISHI Junya (Visiting Scholar, PRI)
UMEDA Hiroshi (Lecturer, Economics, Takasaki City University of Economics)
KASHIWAGI Megumi (Visiting Scholar, PRI / Research Director, The Canon Institute for Global Studies)
FUJINO Masafumi (Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University)

Top Seminar for Staff

As part of the training of executive personnel, PRI holds Top Seminars for Staff, where lecturers active in various fields are invited to speak. The following seminar was held in April.

April 17 (Wednesday)
Title :
Lecturer :
Looking Back on the 30-year Period of Heisei and Looking Ahead to the Post-Heisei Era
MIKURIYA Takashi (Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Photo of Mr. MIKURIYA Takashi
【Mr. MIKURIYA Takashi】

Publication in April

DP (Discussion Paper)
Income Redistribution Effect of a Shift from Income Deduction to Tax Credit―Discrete Choice Model-Based Simulation Incorporating Labor Supply-(PDF:574KB)
OGASA Tomoki,
Visiting Scholar, PRI
The Japanese tax authority has been reviewing the income deduction method as an option for income tax reform. As an option, a shift from income deduction to tax credit is cited. In this discussion paper, we simulated the income redistribution effect of the shift from income deduction to tax credit, based on a work-time-discrete choice model, incorporating labor supply, and discussed to what extent the said shift as a system may contribute to strengthening the income redistribution function.
Monthly Finance Review
No.548(March)STATISTICS (Released by Ministry of Finance)


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