PRI Topics(January, 2019)

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Workshops and other events in January

January 15 (Tue): The 2nd meeting of the Workshop on Innovations in the Digital Age

The PRI has been holding workshops on timely themes closely related to finance and economy. For FY2018, the institute decided to hold the Workshop on Innovations in the Digital Age (chaired by Professor YANAGAWA Noriyuki (University of Tokyo)) under the theme of digitalization of economy and held the second meeting on January 15.

Lunch Meeting

We invite a broad range of experts in and outside the organization to hear leading-edge information so that we can obtain useful information contributing to the ministry's policy planning.

The following lecture was held in January.

January 15 (Tue)
Title :
Lecturer :
“Knowledge of Congestion – Science of “make haste slowly”
NISHINARI Katsuhiro (Professor, Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo)
Picture of Mr. NISHINARI Katsuhiro
【Mr. NISHINARI Katsuhiro】
January 31 (Thu)
Title :
Lecturer :
“24-hour/365-day Financial Infrastructure - History and Prospects of Seven Bank”
KAWADA Hisanao ( Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Business Promotion Division & Director, Seven Bank, Ltd.)
Picture of Mr. KAWADA Hisanao
【Mr. KAWADA Hisanao】

Publication in January

Financial Review
No. 1 of 2019 (No. 136 [consecutive])
Special Edition: “Exchange Market’s Influence over Companies and Response”

This special issue studies the yen amount of overseas properties accumulated through foreign direct investment and the yen amount of import/export, which are affected by fluctuations of foreign exchange rates and examines: what exchange risk management should be conducted, how to select invoice currency, how exchange rates are reflected in prices and the flow of funds for international transactions by companies in relation to exchange risk.

Monthly Finance Review
No.545(December)STATISTICS (Released by Ministry of Finance)


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