PRI Topics(December, 2018)

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International exchanges in December

December 3 (Mon) to 7 (Fri): Phase 2 / 2nd Seminar on SME Finance for Myanmar Economic Bank

The Policy Research Institute (PRI) conducts technical cooperation mainly for Myanmar Economic Bank (MEB) in conjunction with the Japan Finance Corporation, Micro Business and Individual Unit (JFC-Micro) in order to improve MEB’s capacity in SME Finance. We held the 2nd seminar on SME Finance in two cities of Myanmar, Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw. There were 124 participants from MEB’s credit analysis staff. The signing ceremony of the memorandum on technical cooperation was held at the central branch of MEB (Nay Pyi Taw).

Picture(The seminar)Picture(MEB Governor signing the memorandum)
【The seminar】【MEB Governor signing the memorandum】

Workshops and other events in December

December 13 (Thu): The 12th Roundtable Discussions on Technical Assistance (TA)

With the aim of promoting formation and improving the efficiency of technical assistance (TA) proposals pertaining to public finance, money market and taxes, the PRI hosted roundtable discussions by practice staff of the Ministry of Finance (the Customs and Tariff Bureau, the International Bureau and the PRI), the National Tax Agency, the Financial Services Agency, the Bank of Japan and JICA.

At the 12th TA Round Table Discussions, persons in charge of the organizations introduced TA proposals, which were followed by a Q&A session and a free discussion.

Picture(The Roundtable discussions)
【The Roundtable discussions】

December 13 (Thu): Trade and Global Logistics Workshop

In order to accumulate information on the relationships of frequent earthquake disasters, protectionist moves, and rapid development of technologies with trade and global logistics, the PRI, jointly held the Trade and Global Logistics Workshop with Nittsu Research Institute and Consulting on December 13.

Picture(The workshop)
【The workshop】

December 18 (Tue): The 1st meeting of the Workshop on Innovations in the Digital Age

The PRI has been holding workshops on timely themes closely related to finance and economy. For FY2018, the institute decided to hold the Workshop on Innovations in the Digital Age (chaired by Professor YANAGAWA Noriyuki (University of Tokyo)) under the theme of digitalization of economy and held the first meeting on December 18.

Picture(The conference)
【The conference】

December 21 (Fri): The 1st ASEAN Workshop in FY2018

With a view to improving the MOF’s knowledge on the current situation and policies of ASEAN countries, the PRI has been holding ASEAN Workshops by inviting external experts.

At the 1st ASEAN Workshop in 2018, Mr. USHIYAMA Ryuichi (Principal Economist of the Japan Center for Economic Research) gave a lecture on “ASEAN companies crossing borders – accelerated multi-nationalization,” which was followed by a Q&A session on the subject and a free discussion.

Picture(The Workshop)
【The Workshop】

December 26 (Wed): The 2nd China Research Conference FY2018

For research and study of political and economic situations in China, the PRI has been holding the China Research Conference.

At the 2nd meeting, Committee Member TANAKA Osamu (PRI Advisor on Research Exchange with China), Committee Member TAKAHARA Akio (Dean, Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo) and Committee Member SEGUCHI Kiyoyuki (Research Director at the Canon Institute for Global Studies) gave lectures on “Economic trends and economic policy in 2019,” “Japan-China relations” and “China’s international relations from the viewpoint of economic policy operation,” respectively. The lectures were followed by a Q&A session on the subject and a free discussion.

Picture(The 2nd China Research Conference FY2018)
【The conference】

Lunch Meeting

We invite a broad range of experts in and outside the organization to hear leading-edge information so that we can obtain useful information contributing to the ministry's policy planning.

The following lecture was held in December.

December 14 (Fri)
Title :
Lecturer :
“Current situation of economy digitalization, LINE: prospects and challenges for platformers (Part 2)”
Mr. CHOFUKU Hisahiro (COO, LINE Pay Corporation)
Picture(Mr. CHOFUKU Hisahiro)
【Mr. CHOFUKU Hisahiro】

Publication in December

Ministry of Finance Statistics Monthly
No.797 Fiscal Investment and Loans Issue
  • Outline of the FY2018 fiscal investment and loan program
  • Outline of the FY2018 fiscal investment and loan organizations
  • Outline of the revision of the FY2018 fiscal investment and loan program
No. 799 National Treasury Balance Issue
  • FY2017 Record of treasury accounts with the public
Monthly Finance Review
No.544(November)STATISTICS (Released by Ministry of Finance)


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