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Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry, Quarterly

Notes: Every historical data is classified by All Industries(excluding Finance and Insurance), Manufacturing, Non-Manufacturing, All Industries(including Finance and Insurance ),and Finance and Insurance and size of capital.

Notes: Non-Manufacturing doesn't include Finance and Insurance.

Size of capital: A is all sizes, B is 1 billion yen or over, C is 100 million yen to 1 billion yen, D is 10 to 100 million yen


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  1. Liquid assets
  2. Cash and deposits
  3. Bills and accounts receivable
  4. Inventories
  5. Finished goods and merchandise
  6. Works in process
  7. Raw materials and goods supplies
  8. Securities
  9. Stocks
  10. Bonds and debentures
  11. Other securities
  12. Fixed assets
  13. Land
  14. Other tangible fixed assets
  15. Construction in process
  16. Intangible fixed assets
  17. Investments and other assets
  18. Amount of increase in fixed assets
  19. Amount of decrease in fixed assets
  20. Depreciation expenses
  21. Investment securities
  22. Total assets
Liabilities and shareholders' equity(Excel:856KB)


  1. Liquid liabilities
  2. Bills and accounts payable
  3. Short-term borrowings
  4. Short-term bank borrowings
  5. Short-term other borrowings
  6. Short-term allowance
  7. Fixed liabilities
  8. Bonds
  9. Long-term borrowings
  10. Long-term bank borrowings
  11. Long-term other borrowings
  12. Long-term allowance
  13. Net assets
  14. Shareholders' equity
  15. Capital stock
  16. Capital surplus
  17. Earned surplus
  18. Treasury stock
  19. Others
  20. Subscription rights to shares
  21. Capital stock at the end of previous quarter
  22. Bills receivable discounted outstanding
Income statement(Excel:396KB)


  1. Sales
  2. Cost of sales
  3. Selling and general administration expenses
  4. Operating profits
  5. Interest received
  6. Other non-operating revenue
  7. Interest expense
  8. Other non-operating expense
  9. Ordinary profits
Personnel expenses(Excel:258KB)


  1. Personnel expenses
  2. Salaries and wages
  3. Bonus for employees
  4. Welfare expense
  5. Number of staffs
  6. Number of employees
Investment in plant and equipment and inventories(Excel:240KB)


  1. Investment in plant and equipment  
  2. Software
  3. Investment in plant and equipment excluding software
  4. Increases in inventories
  5. Increases in inventories of finished goods and merchandise
  6. Increases in inventories of works in process
  7. Increases in inventories of raw materials and goods supplies
Ratio of finance and operating(Excel:170KB)


  1. Number of corporations
  2. Ratio of interest to borrowings
  3. Liquidity ratio
  4. Ratio of trade receivables to monthly sales
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