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Intellectual support to the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA)
(The Joint Seminar, Consultation with the government officials)

Upon request by the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Policy Research Institute (PRI) has provided the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA) with intellectual support for human resource development in Uzbekistan, since the BFA’s establishment in 1996. This support has included accepting BFA students to seminars held in Japan and dispatching the Honorable First Vice-Rector of the BFA (part-time).
 The delegation from the PRI visited Tashkent, Uzbekistan, held a joint seminar with the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the BFA, and had a consultation with the government officials of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the BFA regarding the PRI’s future relationship with Uzbekistan.

1. Joint Seminar
 The PRI held a Joint Seminar on February 14th and 15th, 2023. The PRI gave lectures regarding the Japanese public fiscal policy, international taxation, and the latest financial innovations to the staff of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the students of the BFA.

  <February 14th>
  Opening Remarks
  ・Mr. ONO Heihachiro, Executive Vice President, PRI, Honorable First Vice-Rector, BFA
  ・Dr. Elmurod Hoshimov, Rector, BFA

  ・“Evolution of Open Banking and Data Sharing”
     Dr. YAMAOKA Hiromi, Board Director and Chief Sustainability Officer, Future Corporation

  ・“Japanese Public Fiscal Accounting System”
     Mr. YAMASAKI Yasunori, Visiting Scholar, PRI

  <February 15th>
  ・“International Taxation -Outline of International Taxation-”
    Mr. KOSUGI Naofumi, Professor, International Cooperation Group, Research Department, National Tax College

  Closing Remarks
  ・Dr. Elmurod Hoshimov, Rector, BFA


[Opening Remarks]

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2. Consultation with Related Organizations

 The PRI held consultations with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the BFA regarding the future relationship between Japan and Uzbekistan.


[Consultation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance]

uzb202302e.png uzb202302f.png

                                   [With Dr. Hoshimov, Rector, BFA]                                           [With Executives, BFA]


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