Providing support to the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA)
(Interview of Master’s defense of BFA Students)

The Banking and Finance Academy (BFA) of Uzbekistan is a higher educational institution which was established with the aim of improving the Uzbekistan’s financial, fiscal and tax policies and administration to an international level. Since the foundation of BFA, the Policy Research Institute (PRI) has provided BFA with various forms of assistance as part of its intellectual support for human resource development in Uzbekistan, including recommending and dispatching the First Vice Rector of BFA, accepting BFA students in Japan’s seminar and conducting special seminars in Uzbekistan.

BFA held the final master’s dissertation defense interview via video conference for ten BFA students in two days. The students participated in the Seminar for Central Asian and Caucasian Countries in 2019. Mr. Kensaku Munenaga, the Senior Research Fellow of the PRI, the First Vice-Rector of BFA and the Chairman of the Final State Attestation Commission, attended the Master’s defense. BFA organized the final master’s dissertation defense via video conference for the first time.

Photo of Master’s Dissertation Defense 1Poto of Master’s Dissertation Defense 2
【Master’s Dissertation Defense】


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