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The Seminar on Supporting Start-up for SME Bank of Cambodia
(In Cooperation with JFC-Micro) 

The PRI has provided a technical cooperation project on SME finance with the SME Bank of Cambodia (hereinafter referred to as “SME Bank”), which is officially licensed as a commercial bank by the National Bank of Cambodia, in cooperation with the Japan Finance Corporation, Micro Business and Individual Unit (hereinafter referred to as “JFC-Micro”).

On November 14, 2023, we held a seminar on Supporting Start-up for SME Bank in Phnom Penh. There were 33 participants, including 31 staff from SME Bank and two staff from Techo Startup Center, a start-up support organization for start-up companies in Cambodia. In the seminar, PRI made lectures on “Activities of PRI and policy-based financing in Japan,” and JFC-Micro made lectures on “Current situation of start-up in Japan,” “JFC’s support for start-up” and “Points of making a business plan.”

It was a very successful seminar, with many questions and opinions from the participants regarding the differences between the start-up situation in Cambodia and Japan, the concept of loans for start-up, how to evaluate business plans, etc.



seminar seminar



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