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Comprehensive Handbook of Japanese Taxes 2010

Full editionPDF(3,869KB)



Chapter 1 Introduction to the Japanese Tax System

Taxes on IncomePDF(1,061KB)

Chapter 2 Income Tax (Individual Income Tax)
Chapter 3 Corporation Tax (Corporate Income Tax)

Taxes on Property etc.PDF(182KB)

Chapter 4 Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax
Chapter 5 Land Value Tax
Chapter 6 Registration and License Tax
Chapter 7 Stamp Tax

General Consumption TaxesPDF(331KB)

Chapter 8 Consumption Tax

Excise TaxesPDF(184KB)

Chapter 9 Liquor Tax
Chapter 10 Tobacco Tax
Chapter 11 Special Tobacco Tax
Chapter 12 Gasoline Tax
Chapter 13 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tax
Chapter 14 Aviation Fuel Tax
Chapter 15 Petroleum And Coal Tax
Chapter 16 Local Gasoline Tax
Chapter 17 Motor Vehicle Tonnage Tax
Chapter 18 Promotion of Power-Resources Development Tax

Payment, Penalties, and Tax DisputesPDF(205KB)

Chapter 19 Payment of National Taxes
Chapter 20 Additions to Taxes and Penalties on National Taxes
Chapter 21 Collection of National Taxes
Chapter 22 Tax Disputes

Local TaxesPDF(309KB)

Chapter 23 Local Taxes

International TaxationPDF(388KB)

Chapter 24 Taxation of Nonresidents and Foreign Corporations


Chapter 25 Organization of the National Tax Agency


I Trends in Tax Reform, etc. in Recent Years
II Summary of the National Tax System
III Summary of the Local Tax System
IV Income Tax Burden
V Corporation Tax Burden
VI Imposition of Inheritance Tax
VII Tax Revenue
VIII Organizational Chart for the Ministry of Finance
IX Organizational Chart for National Tax Agency (in FY 2010)


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