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Learning More About Taxes(October, 2019)

The following file is PDF format.
01 Learn about the Significance and Role of "Tax" ......P02(PDF:460KB)
  • "Tax" is a "Society Membership Fee".
  • The Role of "Tax"
  • The Three Principles of "Tax"
02 Learn about "Tax" Situations ......P04(PDF:474KB)
  • Various Taxes
  • Japan's Tax Revenue
  • Changes in the Tax System and Tax Item features
  • Fiscal Situation 
03 Learn about "Income Tax" ......P09(PDF:451KB)
  • Income Tax
  • Category of Income
  • Personal Exemption
  • Changes in Income Tax Contributions
  • Revisions to Income Tax(Revised 2018)
04 Learn about "Inheritance Tax" and "Gift Tax" ......P14(PDF:521KB)
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Gift Tax
05 Learn about "Consumption Tax" ......P17(PDF:1336KB)
  • Consumption Tax
  • Consumption Tax Rate Hike
  • Reduced Tax Rate System for Consumption Tax
06 Learn about "Corporation Tax" ......P22(PDF:418KB)
  • Corporation Tax
  • Growth-oriented Corporate Tax Reform
07 Learn about "International Taxation" ......P24(PDF:754KB)
  • International Taxation Systems
  • Tax Conventions
08 Let's discuss How "Taxes" should be in the Future  ......P26(PDF:407KB)
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