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Learning More About Taxes(July, 2017)

The following file is PDF format.
01 Learn about the Significance and Role of "Taxes" ......P02(PDF:190KB)
  • "Taxes" are "Society Membership Fee"
  • The Role of "Tax"
  • The Three Principles of "tax"
02 Learn about "Tax" Situations ......P04(PDF:374KB)
  • Various "Taxes"
  • Japan's Tax Revenue
  • Changes in the Tax System and Tax Item Characteristics
  • Fiscal Position 
03 Learn about "Income Tax" ......P08(PDF:410KB)
  • About income Tax
  • About Personal Exemption
  • The Review of Spouse Exemption & Special Spouse Exemption
  • Changes in Income Tax Contributions
  • Subjects of Taxation and the Amount of Income Tax
04 Learn about "Inhabitant Tax" ......P13(PDF:151KB)
05 Learn about "Inheritance Tax" and "Gift Tax" ......P14(PDF:260KB)
  • About Inheritance Tax
  • About Gift Tax
06 Learn about "Consumption Tax" ......P17(PDF:895KB)
  • About Consumption Tax
  • About the "Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax"
  • About the "Reduced Tax Rate System for Consumption Tax"
07 Learn about "Corporation Tax" ......P23(PDF:236KB)
  • About "Corporation Tax"
  • About the "Growth-oriented Corporate Tax Reform"
08 Learn about "International Taxation" ......P25(PDF:921KB)
  • About the "BEPS Project"
  • About Tax Conventions
Back Cover(PDF:150KB)                                                                                       
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