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International exchanges in June

June 4 (Mon) to 5 (Tue):Tokyo Fiscal Forum 2018 “Strengthened fiscal management in Asia”

The Policy Research Institute (PRI), IMF Fiscal Affairs Department, and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) held Tokyo Fiscal Forum 2018 on strengthened fiscal management in Asia, gathering policymakers and experts on June 4 (Mon) and 5 (Tue), 2018, in Tokyo (Mita Conference Hall).

In addition to the IMF and the ADBI, people from Asian financial authorities and scholars from Europe, the United States and Asia attended the forum. They discussed how to secure the fiscal buffer and enhance the economic resilience in Asian countries that maintain high growth rates but have vulnerability in their financial environments. The discussion was made from policy and academic points of view based on the experiences and studies of countries, international organizations, researchers and others, as well as introduction of initiatives for the future.

Group photo(Tokyo Fiscal Forum 2018)  
【Group photo】

June 11 (Mon) to 19 (Tue):Phase 2 / 1st Seminar on SME Finance for Myanmar Economic Bank

In June 2018, PRI started the second stage of technical cooperation concerning SME finance mainly for Myanmar Economic Bank (MEB) in conjunction with Japan Finance Corporation, Micro Business and Individual Unit (JFC-Micro). We visited the country for the first seminar series of the project and delivered lectures on SME finance for 131 participants mostly from MEB’s credit analysis staff in three cities of Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay and Yangon.



Photo(The seminar in Nay Pyi Taw)1Photo(The seminar in Nay Pyi Taw)2
【The seminar in Nay Pyi Taw】


June 13 (Wed):Workshop on Political and Economic Future of the Bay of Bengal

Policy Research Institute (PRI) and Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) had “Workshop on Political and Economic Future of the Bay of Bengal” at Ministry of Finance, Tokyo on June 13, 2018.

PRI, SAIS, Gateway House of India, and researchers from Japan, the United States and India exchanged opinions on the political and economic future of the Bay of Bengal.


The workshop(SAIS)
【The workshop】


June 24 (Sun) to 30 (Sat):Visiting Uzbekistan (Support for BFA, etc.)

Policy Research Institute (PRI) has been providing a variety of support to the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA), which is a training institution for young candidate-executives of the Uzbekistan Ministry of Finance and others as part of intelligent support for economies in transition.

Mr. MUNENAGA Kensaku, the First vice Rector of the BFA and the Senior Research Fellow of the PRI, visited Uzbekistan from June 24 to June 30, 2018, with a view to implementing support activities such as participating in Master's defense of BFA students, delivering special lectures at the BFA and the Bukhara Engineering Technological Institute. In addition, he exchanged opinions with high officials in Uzbekistan including Mr. Ilkhom Norkulov, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.


Photo(Master's defense of BFA students)
【Master's defense of BFA students】
Photo(Special lectures at the Bukhara Engineering Technological Institute)
【Special lectures at the Bukhara Engineering Technological Institute】


Workshops and other activities in June

June 15 (Fri):Report at Rokko Forum

At the Rokko Forum hosted by the Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University, Senior Economist HASHIMOTO Hayato made a report on “Cash holding behavior of Japanese companies and verification of its rationality.”


Report: Cash holding behavior of Japanese companies and verification of its rationality(Japanease only)(PDF:823KB)

Presenter: HASHIMOTO Hayato (Senior Economist, Research and Administration Department, PRI)

Photo(Report at Rokko Forum)  
【The Report】

June 21 (Thu):The Third ASEAN Workshop in FY2017

At the third meeting, Mr. SHIMIZU Satoshi (Senior Economist, Japan Research Institute) and Mr. NAKAGAWA Satoshi (Special Advisor to the President for Global Strategy at Japan Credit Rating Agency and Chairman of the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia (ACRAA)) made presentations on “Current state and challenges of financial systems of ASEAN countries” and “Credit rating agencies in Asia,” respectively. The presentations were followed by a Q&A session on the subjects and a free discussion.



Photo(Mr. SHIMIZU Satoshi)Photo(Mr. NAKAGAWA Satoshi)
【Mr. SHIMIZU Satoshi】【Mr. NAKAGAWA Satoshi】


June 22 (Fri):Workshop on corporate behavior in Japan

“Raising of corporate value and business management that are expected today from managers in Japan
– Is the cash holding behavior of Japanese companies rational?”

On June 22 (Fri) PRI hosted a workshop on enterprise behavior in Japan: “Raising of corporate value and business management that are expected today from managers in Japan – Is the cash holding behavior of Japanese companies rational?”

In addition to a report by PRI Chief Economist OKU Ai, Mr. NAKAGAMI Yasunori, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer of Misaki Capital Inc., gave a lecture. Mr. YAMAMOTO Takatoshi (Outside Director of Hitachi, Ltd. and Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member at Tokyo Electron Limited), Mr. ASAKO Yuji (Division General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division and Director at BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.), Mr. NAKAGAMI Yasunori and PRI President DOI Toshinori engaged in an active discussion from their respective points of view of enterprise, investor and government authority, which was moderated by Director-General MEGURO Katsuyuki of the Research and Administration Department, PRI.


Photo(Workshop on corporate behavior in Japan)
【The workshop】


June 27 (Wed):Report at the 20th Tokyo Vitalization Salon

Senior Economist HASHIMOTO Hayato gave a lecture titled “Productivity of SMEs through innovation” at Tokyo Vitalization Salon(*) hosted by the Kanto Local Finance Office.


Titled “Productivity of SMEs through innovation”

Presenter: HASHIMOTO Hayato (Senior Economist, Research and Administration Department, PRI)


 (*) Cross-industrial place for next-generation SME entrepreneurs (mostly young/female managers) who are active in the Tokyo metropolitan area to contact government-related entities, support organizations and others.

Photo(The lecture)
【The lecture】


Leading-Edge Seminar

PRI held the Leading-Edge Seminar, in which frontline researchers gave lectures on leading-edge academic research and technically sophisticated research.

The following meetings were held in June.

June 6 (Wed)  
Title :
Lecturer :
Second-generation fiscal rules
Luc Eyraud (Deputy Division Chief, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)


Lunch Meeting

We invite people with diverse knowledge in and outside the organization to hear a broad range of leading-edge information so that we can obtain useful information across a broad spectrum contributing to the ministry's policy planning.

The following meetings were held in June.

May 10 (Thu)  Photo(KAWAGUCHI Daiji)
Title :
Lecturer :
Toward implementation of EBPM(Japanease only)(PDF:827KB)
KAWAGUCHI Daiji (Professor, Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo)


Publication in June

Monthly Finance Review

No.538(May)STATISTICS (Released by Ministry of Finance)


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