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International exchanges in May

May 14 (Mon) to 17 (Thu):Held a workshop for a needs survey concerning support
                                             for a training agency of the Ministry of Planning and Finance of Myanmar

The Policy Research Institute (PRI), at the request of the Ministry of Planning and Finance of Myanmar, has been implementing technical cooperation with the aim of supporting a training agency for its personnel, which the ministry is considering to set up as part of the modernization of its public financial management.

For a needs survey concerning the support, PRI, the Budget Bureau and the Accounting Center visited the ministry and held a workshop and roundtable discussions mainly for the ministry staff on “expenditure execution in Japan” and the “governmental Accounting affairs Data communication Management System: ADAMS.”

The workshop and roundtable discussions1    The workshop and roundtable discussions2
【The workshop and roundtable discussions】

May 14 (Mon) to June 8 (Fri):Seminar on Economic Policies 2018

PRI has held “Seminar on Economic Policies 2018” every year since 1992 with the aim of human resource development by inviting young executive trainees from finance ministries in developing countries (mostly in Asia) that have close social and economic relationships with Japan and by sharing Japan’s knowledge on and experience in finance and economy systems.

This year, the seminar was held from May 14 (Mon) to June 8 (Fri) with 16 participants from 11 Asian counties.



May 24 (Thu):The 12th Trilateral Workshop by Japanese, Chinese and Korean Research Institutes

The Trilateral Workshops have been held in rotation among the institutes from PRI, the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) and the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) every year since 2007, with the objective of conducting research on the economic and fiscal issues shared throughout Asia.

The 12th workshop was held in China (Beijing) on May 24. President DOI Toshinori, Mr. TANAKA Osamu (PRI Advisor on Research Exchange with China) and others attended the workshop from PRI. Speakers from the three countries made presentations in three sessions: “macroeconomic climate of each country,” “prevention of financial risks” and “industrial structure and economic growth,” which was followed by comments by debaters and a Q&A session.


Group photoPhoto of Director-General MEGURO of the Research and Administration Department
【Group photo】【Presentation by Director-General MEGURO of the Research and Administration Department】


May 29 (Tue):President DOI Visited Berlin (Germany) (as a panel member)

PRI President DOI Toshinori attended The Global Solutions Summit (*) hosted by the Kiel Institute, a German think tank, and gave a lecture on high-quality infrastructure and other topics as a speaker of the “Fair, Inclusive and Sustainable Living Environments” session.


(*) The Global Solutions Summit was held in relation to Think Tank20 that gathers think tank members of the world to discuss G20 topics and other global issues.


Group photoPhoto of The session
【Group photo with Chancellor Merkel】【The session】


May 29 (Tue):Implemented training for personnel of the South African Ministry of Finance

PRI accepted seven participants including a director from the Ministry of Finance in South Africa as a part of the country-focused training hosted by JICA, “Public Finance Management for Development.” After a courtesy visit to Executive Vice President NARITA Yasuro, the Budget Bureau and Financial Bureau staff gave lectures.


Courtesy visit to Executive Vice President NARITA1Courtesy visit to Executive Vice President NARITA1
【Courtesy visit to Executive Vice President NARITA】


Lunch Meeting

We invite people with diverse knowledge in and outside the organization to hear a broad range of leading-edge information so that we can obtain useful information across a broad spectrum contributing to the ministry's policy planning.

The following meetings were held in May.

May 10 (Thu)  TANAKA Yayoi
Title :

Lecturer :
“Current State and Challenges of Higher Education Administration – University, Evaluation and Resource Sharing”(Japanease only)(PDF:2935KB)
TANAKA Yayoi (Professor, National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education)
May 22 (Tue)  MENOMOTO Akira
Title :
Lecturer :
“AI and Banking Service”(Japanease only)(PDF:1573KB)
ENOMOTO Akira (Director, Financial Innovation Division, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)


Publication in May

Monthly Finance Review

No.536(March)STATISTICS (Released by Ministry of Finance)



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