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Workshops and other events in December

December 7 (Thu): The First India Workshop in FY2017

At the first meeting, Mr. NISHIHAMA Toru (Chief Economist at Dai-ichi Life Research Institute Inc.) made a presentation titled “Economic developments in India and future outlook- An inventory of three years of the Modi administration and future prospects,” which was followed by a Q&A session on the subject and a free discussion.

Mr. NISHIHAMA Toru  The workshop
  【Mr. NISHIHAMA Toru】                                   【The workshop】      

December 14 (Thu): The First ASEAN Workshop in FY2017

At the first meeting, Ms. DEMACHI Kazue (Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) made a presentation titled “Challenges for macroeconomy management by developing resource-rich countries,” which was followed by a Q&A session on the subject and a free discussion.

Ms. DEMACHI Kazue  The workshop
    【Ms. DEMACHI Kazue】                                    【The workshop】      

December 21 (Thu): The Fourth meeting of the Workshop on Productivity Improvement through Innovation

At the 4th meeting held on December 21, Mr. TAKAGI Soichiro (Associate Professor and Executive Research Fellow at the Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM) at the International University of Japan), Dr. ATAKA Kazuto (Chief Strategy Officer, Yahoo Japan Corporation) and Dr. YOSHIKAWA Hiroshi (Professor, Faculty of Economics, Rissho University/Honorary President, PRI) gave lectures on “Blockchain technology and productivity improvement,” “Japan’s revitalization and human resource development in the age of AI × data” and “Demand creation toward productivity improvement”,respectively, which were followed by a Q&A session and opinion exchange.


(Reference) PRI has been holding workshops on timely themes closely related to finance and economy. Discussions are held inviting experts in the themes in addition to PRI members and others from the Ministry.

Throughout fiscal 2017, PRI holds the Workshop on Productivity Improvement through Innovation. Innovations are essential to breaking through the constraints on the Japanese economy (population decline, public finance, etc.) in order to accomplish more powerful economic growth. The workshop aims to make recommendations on measures for productivity improvement through innovations and encourage enterprises to take reasonable actions looking toward the future.

Associate Professor Takagi  CSO Ataka  Professor Yoshikawa
【Associate Professor Takagi】                          【CSO Ataka】                             【Professor Yoshikawa】    

Link for details of the Workshop on Productivity Improvement through Innovation(Japanese only)

December 25 (Mon): The First China Research Conference FY2017

At the first conference, Committee Member TANAKA Osamu (PRI Advisor on Research Exchange with China) and Committee Chair KOKUBUN Ryosei (President of the National Defense Academy of Japan) made presentations on "The economic significance of the 19th party convention" and "Inspection of the Xi Jinping regime – the 19th party convention and after," respectively. The presentations were followed by a Q&A session and free discussion on the topics.

Committee member Tanaka  Committee member Tanaka
       【Committee member Tanaka】                                【Committee Chair Kokubun】        


International Exchange in December

December 5 (Tue) to 8 (Fri): Implementation of a feasibility study toward next-phase financial support
                                             for SMEs of Myanmar

Since April 2015, PRI has been implementing technical cooperation with Myanmar Economic Bank (MEB) on SME financing with the cooperation of the Japan Finance Corporation and the National Life Finance Corporation.

Recently, MEB and related organs (the Ministry of Planning and Finance, Central Bank, etc.) requested PRI to continue the support. In response, we carried out a feasibility study toward the next-phase support.

Consultation with MEB top officials
【Consultation with MEB top officials】


Lunch Meeting

We invite people with diverse knowledge in and outside the organization to hear a broad range of leading-edge information so we can obtain useful information across a broad spectrum contributing to the ministry’s policy planning.

The following meetings were held in December.

December 6 (Wed)  TAKEUCHI Kan (Associate Professor in Economics at Hitotsubashi University)
Title :

Lecturer :
”About ‘Behavioral Economics’ that won the Nobel Prize
in Economics” (Japanese only)(PDF:675KB)

TAKEUCHI Kan (Associate Professor in Economics at Hitotsubashi University)
December 12 (Tue)  YANAGI Ryohei
Title :

Lecturer :
“Governance Reform by Japanese Companies and Investor Viewpoints
in the World” (Japanese only)(PDF:4437KB)

YANAGI Ryohei (Visiting Professor at Toyo University/Visiting Lecturer at Waseda University/ Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Eisai Co., Ltd.)


PRI Workshop

Before publishing a discussion paper, PRI holds a PRI Workshop to discuss its content in the institute.

The following meetings were held in December.

December 18 (Mon)
Title :
Presenter :
Commentator :
”Issues of Responsibility Accounting on Public Sectors”
ONISHI Junya (Visiting Researcher, PRI)
UMEDA Hiroshi (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Senshu University)
KASHIWAGI Megumi (Visiting Researcher, PRI/Senior Reaserch Fellow, The Canon Institute for Global Studies)
December 19 (Tue)
Title :
Presenter :
“Current State and Challenges of the Accounting System in Laos”
FUJITA Keiichi (Senior Researcher, International Cooperation Division, Research and Administration Department, PRI)
ITO Seigo (Researcher, International Cooperation Division, International Cooperation Division, PRI)

The workshop
【The workshop】

Publication in December

Monthly Finance Review

No.532 (November)STATISTICS (Released by Ministry of Finance)

Ministry of Finance Statistics Monthly (Japanese only)

No. 784 “Customs Issue” (2017 August issue)Tariff reform
International move over foreign trade and customs procedures
Current state of major policies of customs administration
Recent trend of Japan’s foreign trade
Customs statistics
Foreign trade statistics, etc.


PRI TOPICS (monthly)