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Major conferences in November

November 9 (Thu): The 3rd meeting of the Workshop on Productivity Improvement through Innovation

PRI has been holding workshops on timely themes closely related to finance and economy. Discussions are held inviting experts in the themes in addition to PRI members and others from the Ministry.

Throughout fiscal 2017, PRI holds the Workshop on Productivity Improvement through Innovations. Innovations are essential to breaking through the constraints on the Japanese economy (population decline, public finance, etc.) in order to accomplish more powerful economic growth. The workshop aims to make recommendations on measures for productivity improvement through innovations and encourage enterprises to take reasonable actions looking toward the future.

At the third meeting held on November 9, Mr. YAMADA Hisahi (Research Director, Chief Senior Economist), Mr. SAKAMAKI Tetsuro (Vice President, PRI) and Mr. KIMURA Yosuke (Economist, PRI) reported on “Employment system reform for productivity improvement,” ”International comparison of indices related to productivity and innovation” and “Structural changes and innovation from the perspective of patents,” respectively. The reports were followed by a Q&A session and free discussion.

Executive Officer of Rakuten,Inc. Mori
【Director Yamada】

For details of the Workshop on Productivity Improvement through Innovations, see:(Japanease Only)

International conferences and exchanged in November

November 5 (Sun) to 8 (Wed): President Doi visited China (in Beijing)
                                                (exchange of views with major Chinese research institutes)

PRI has been conducting research exchange with major Chinese research institutes in the economic and financial areas.

President Doi visited the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences(CAFS) and Department of Macroeconomic Research ,Development Research Center(DRC) etc. for an exchange of views on economic conditions after The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing.

Interview with BFA professors
【Interview at the Institute of CAFS】

Group photo with people of Samarkand finance bureau
【Group photo with people of DRC】
November 20 (Mon): President DOI visited Uzbekistan (November 20 to 24)

The PRI has provided various forms of assistance to the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA), a training institute for young candidate executives of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Finance, as part of intellectual support for economies in transition.

At the opportunity of attending an international conference hosted by BFA, President DOI Toshinori visited Uzbekistan, met Finance Minister Khojayev and other key government officials of Uzbekistan as well as BFA Rector BEKMURADOV, and exchanged opinions on the cooperative relationships between Japan and Uzbekistan, achievements of PRI’s support for BFA and future challenges.

Interview with BFA professors                 Group photo with people of Samarkand finance bureau
              【Interview with BFA professors】                 【Group photo with people of Samarkand finance bureau】
November 30 (Thu): PRI-CAFS Joint Seminar, Japan-China Think Tank Forum on Finance

PRI together with Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences of the People's Republic of China (CAFS) hosted PRI-CAFS Joint Seminar, Japan-China Think Tank Forum on Finance. At the forum, participants discussed macroeconomic policy and fiscal discipline, and risk of public debts and management policy.

(Details are scheduled to be posted on the PRI website at a later date.)

The forum     Greeting by PRI President DOI
            【The forum】                               【Greeting by PRI President DOI】

Commemorative photo with people of CAFS
【Commemorative photo with people of CAFS】


Top Seminar for Staff

As a comprehensive training agency of the Ministry of Finance, PRI provides training programs for each level in the ministry, from newly hired staff members to top officials. Summer Top Seminar for Staff was held as part of training for executive personnel by inviting lecturers who are active in various fields. The following seminars were held this month.

November 2 (Fri)
Title :
Lecturer :
“Top Management in International Organizations”
MIKURIYA Kunio (Secretary General of the World Customs Organization: WCO).
Top Seminar for Staff


Leading-edge Seminar

PRI held the Leading-edge Seminar at which frontline researchers gave lectures on leading-edge academic research and technically sophisticated research.

The following lectures were held in November.

November 10 (Fri)  Oliver Holtemoeller
Title :

Lecturer :
“The European Economy after the Debt Crisis – How Sustainable is the Recovery?”
Oliver Holtemoeller (Halle Institute for Economic Research Vice President)
November 29 (Wed)  YOSHIMOTO Hisayuki
Title :

Lecturer :
“Auction Mechanisms and Bidding Behavior in Bond Markets: Evidence from Chinese Government Securities”
YOSHIMOTO Hisayuki (Lecturer in Economics, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)


Lunch Meeting

We invite people with diverse knowledge in and outside the organization to hear a broad range of leading-edge information so we can obtain useful information across a broad spectrum contributing to the ministry’s policy planning.

The following meetings were held in November.

November 14 (Tue)  TOMURA Hajime
Title :

Lecturer :
Electronic payments and the financial system: A payment economics perspective(PDF:676KB)”(Japanease Only)
TOMURA Hajime (Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University)
November 17 (Fri)  FUKAGAWA Yukiko
Title :

Lecturer :
Moon Jae-in’s New Government Facing Internal and External Troubles: Seeking an Exit from Geopolitical Risks toward Structural Transformation(PDF:880KB) ”(Japanease Only)
FUKAGAWA Yukiko (Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University)

November 28 (Tue)  ISHIYAMA Anju
Title :

Lecturer :
“ Crowd Sourcing and Sharing Economy Will Change Society and How People Work ”
ISHIYAMA Anju (Corporate Planner, CrowdWorks, and Director of Liaison Department, Sharing Economy Association Japan)


Presentations by Visiting Scholars

November 10 (Fri):Visiting Scholar Supanun CHUMJAI (Ministry of Finance of Thailand)

Ms. Supanun CHUMJAI, visiting scholar who was invited by PRI from the Thai Ministry of Finance, read her paper titled “Fiscal Policy for Sustainable Medical Care and Pension Systems in Aging Thailand: Suggestion from Japan.”

Ms. Supanun CHUMJAI 
【Ms. Supanun CHUMJAI】                           【Presentation】      

November 29 (Wed):Visiting Scholar Duangchay KEOMIXAY (Lao Ministry of Finance)

Duangchay KEOMIXAY, visiting scholar who was invited by PRI from the Lao Ministry of Finance, read his paper titled “Added-value Tax in Laos: Agenda for the Future.”

Mr. Duangchay KEOMIXAY The presentations
【Mr. Duangchay KEOMIXAY】                           【The presentations】      


DP in November

Title and AuthorAbstract
Impact of Tax System on Foreign Investment - Impact of Corporate Income and Withdrawing Tax Rates in Japan in Transition to an International Taxation System - (PDF:330KB)(Japanease Only)

Former member of Research and Administration Department, PRI, MOF
  Analysis of the influence of international taxation and corporation/withholding tax rates of the invested countries on overseas investment from Japan, using the FY2009 tax reform in Japan (Introduction of the foreign dividend exemption system.) .
  The results of the paper suggest the need to consider the tax rates and economic situation of the invested countries when changing taxation in your country.

Publication in November

Public Policy Review

November (Vol.13,No.3)
Economic Growth Policy and Knowledge Creation
  We present a macroeconomic viewpoint for planning and evaluation of economic growth policies with major focus on knowledge creation as an important interdisciplinary area of economic growth policies. The academic challenge of this volume is an empirical analysis clearly showing causal hypotheses while quantitatively operating analysis subjects beyond qualitative theory analysis. As a result of venturing into quantitative analysis, individual growth chosen policies will be evaluated quantitatively. However, the purpose of the volume is not evaluating past policies but presenting a method to establish evidence that forms the basis of policy discussions.

Monthly Finance Review

No.531 (October)STATISTICS (Released by Ministry of Finance)


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