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Major activities in May

May 2 (Tue):
Lecture by Mr. YU Yongding, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and roundtable discussion

Mr. YU Yongding, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, visited us and gave a lecture on the Chinese economy. The lecture was followed by a vigorous opinion exchange with the audience on Japan-China policy issues.

[Lecture and roundtable discussion 1 [Lecture and roundtable discussion 2
May 8 (Mon):
Participated in panel discussion at the 89th GSDM seminar held jointly by the University of Tokyo and AMRO

PRI President NEMOTO Yoichi took part in the panel discussion titled “Economic Development and Financial Stability in Asia” of the 89th GSDM (Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management) seminar held at the University of Tokyo (jointly with AMRO (ASEAN+3 Macroecomomic Research Office)). He made statements on the changes in the publication method of surveillance reports before and after its transformation into an international organization.

May 15 (Mon) to June 9 (Fri): Seminar on Economic Policies

The Policy Research Institute has held “Seminar on Economic Policies” every year since 1992 with the aim of human resource development by inviting young executive trainees from finance ministries in developing countries (mostly in Asia) that have close social and economic relationships with Japan and by sharing Japan’s knowledge on and experience in finance and economy systems.

This year the seminar was held from May 15 (Mon) to June 9 (Fri) with 20 participants from 14 Asian counties.

The opening ceremony
[The opening ceremony]
May 22 (Mon) to 26 (Fri):
Visit for Final Assessment of Technical Cooperation on SME Finance mainly for Myanma Economic Bank

The Policy Research Institute (PRI) has been conducting technical cooperation on SME Finance for the Myanma Economic Bank (MEB) and others in conjunction with the Japan Finance Corporation, Micro Business and Individual Unit (JFC-Micro), since April 2015. Recently we paid a visit to conduct a final evaluation of this project and interviewed people of the bank and other organizations.

May 27 (Sat):
Lecture: “ASEAN Economy after the Global Financial Crisis: Establishment of the Macroeconomic Research
Office (AMRO) and Challenges for the Future”

PRI President NEMOTO Yoichi attended the 2017 Spring Convention of the Japan Society of Monetary Economics and gave a lecture titled “ASEAN Economy after the Global Financial Crisis: Establishment of the Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO) and Challenges for the Future.”

The lecture


Workshops and other activities in May

May 18 (Thu): The Fifth ASEAN Workshop

With a view to improving MOF knowledge on ASEAN, PRI has been holding ASEAN Workshops for relevant departments to exchange information and opinions on movements in ASEAN (including the movements of member countries).

At the fifth meeting, Mr. KIMURA Fukunari (Dean, Graduate School of Economics, and Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University; Chief Economist of the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)) made a presentation titled “Development Strategy Using the Global Value Chain and the Prospects for Mega FTAs,” which was followed by a question and answer session and free discussion on the subject.

The study session
[The study session]


Seminar for staff

As a comprehensive training agency of the Ministry of Finance, the Policy Research Institute provides training programs for each level in the ministry, from newly hired staff members to top officials.

Seminars for staff are held as part of the training for executive personnel by inviting lecturers who are active in various fields. The following seminar was held this month.

May 17 (Wed)
Title:An Earthquake Directly beneath the Tokyo Metropolitan Area is Inevitable: Preparing for Large Earthquakes according to the Current Trends
Lecturer:HIRATA Naoshi (Director of the Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)


The seminar1
May 17 (Wed)
Title:“Human Society Becoming Similar to Monkey Society”
Lecturer:YAMAGIWA Juichi (President of Kyoto University)


The seminar2


Lunch Meeting

We invite people with diverse knowledge in and outside the organization to hear a broad range of leading-edge information in order to obtain useful information across a broad spectrum contributing to the ministry’s policy planning.

The following meetings were held in May.


May 11 (Thu)  ZAMMA Toshiyuki (Executive Adviser to CIO, Ministry of Finance)
“Trend and future vision of eGovernment in Japan and worldwide”
ZAMMA Toshiyuki (Executive Adviser to CIO, Ministry of Finance)
May 24 (Wed)  MINAMI Kyoko (medical doctor and writer)
“Toward Peaceful Ending: From the Field of End-of-Life Care”
MINAMI Kyoko (medical doctor and writer)
May 30 (Tue)  KIYOTA Tatsumi (Adviser to CIO, Ministry of Finance)
“Trends in Recent Cyber Attacks and Situation of Responses to Such”
KIYOTA Tatsumi (Adviser to CIO, Ministry of Finance)


Discussion Paper in May

Consideration of Keys to Solving Issues of Long-term Fiscal Policies with an Experimental Approach(PDF:960KB) (Japanese only)HIROMITSU Toshiaki, Visiting Researcher of PRI and Budget Examiner of the Budget Bureau
Borda Count Method for Fiscal Policy: A Political Economic Analysis(PDF:532KB)ISHIDA Ryo, Visiting Researcher of PRI
OGURO Kazumasa, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Hosei University, and Senior Visiting Researcher of PRI
The Effects of a Change in the Social Security Earnings Test on the Japanese Elderly Male Labor Supply(PDF:247KB)MIYOSHI Koyo, Lecturer, Department of Economics, Aichi Gakuin University
TAMURA Taichi, Researcher of PRI


Publication in May


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