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Policy Research Institute

Ministry of Finance Statistics Monthly No.787


Annual Survey of Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry (FY2016)


Cumulative Annual Comparisons

FY2016 Statistics Table

1. Number of Corporations by Sector and by Size(Excel:40KB)
2. Assets, Liabilities and Net Assets and Profit and Loss Table by Sector and by Size
All Industries(Excel:39KB)
Textile Mill Products(Excel:38KB)
Lumber and Wood Products(Excel:38KB)
Pulp, Paper and Paper Products(Excel:38KB)
Printing and Allied Industries(Excel:38KB)
Chemical and Allied Products(Excel:38KB)
Petroleum and Coal Products(Excel:38KB)
Ceramic, Stone and Clay Products(Excel:38KB)
Iron and Steel(Excel:38KB)
Non-ferrous Metals and Products(Excel:38KB)
Fabricated Metal Products(Excel:38KB)
General-Purpose Machinery(Excel:38KB)
Production Machinery(Excel:35KB)
Business Oriented Machinery(Excel:35KB)
Electrical Machinery, Equipment and Supplies(Excel:35KB)
Information and Communication Electronics Equipment(Excel:38KB)
Transportation Equipment(Excel:38KB)
Motor Vehicles, Parts and Accessories(Excel:38KB)
Miscellaneous Transportation Equipment(Excel:38KB)
Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries(Excel:38KB)
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(Excel:38KB)
Agriculture and Forestry(Excel:39KB)
Mining and Quarrying of Stone and Gravel(Excel:38KB)
Production, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity(Excel:36KB)
Production, Transmission and Distribution of Gas(Excel:38KB)
Information and Communications(Excel:38KB)
Transport and Postal Activities(Excel:38KB)
Railway, Road Passenger and Road Freight Transport(Excel:38KB)
Water Transport(Excel:38KB)
Miscellaneous Transport(Excel:38KB)
Wholesale and Retail Trade(Excel:38KB)
Wholesale Trade(Excel:38KB)
Retail Trade(Excel:38KB)
Real Estate and Goods Rental and Leasing(Excel:38KB)
Real Estate(Excel:38KB)
Goods Rental and Leasing(Excel:38KB)
Goods Leasing(Excel:38KB)
Miscellaneous Goods Rental and Leasing(Excel:39KB)
Accommodations, Eating and Drinking Services(Excel:38KB)
Eating and Drinking Services(Excel:38KB)
Living-Related and Personal Services and Amusement Services(Excel:38KB)
Living-Related and Personal Services(Excel:38KB)
Services For Amusement and Hobbies(Excel:39KB)
Scientific Research, Professional and Technical Services(Excel:38KB)
Pure Holding Companies(Excel:39KB)
Miscellaneous Scientific Research, Professional and Technical Services(Excel:38KB)
Medical, Health Care and Welfare(Excel:38KB)
Education, Learning Support(Excel:39KB)
Employment and Worker Dispatching Services(Excel:39KB)
Miscellaneous Services(Excel:38KB)
All Industries (including Finance and Insurance)(Excel:31KB)
Finance and Insurance(Excel:31KB)
Non-Deposit Money Corporations, Including Lending and Credit Card Businesses(Excel:37KB)
Finance Products Transaction Dealers(Excel:39KB)
Futures Commodity Transaction Dealers etc.(Excel:37KB)
Insurance (excluding Miscellaneous Insurance Institutions)(Excel:37KB)
Life Insurance Institutions(Excel:37KB)
Non-Life Insurance Institutions(Excel:37KB)
Miscellaneous Insurance Institutions(Excel:37KB)
3. Assets, Liabilities and Net Assets by Sector (average for beginning of year)(Excel:124KB)


Symbols used in statistical charts: 0= Fractional Units  –= No figure, or no applicable figure  …= Unknown    (–) Decrease  P= Tentative figure

The figures contained herein have been rounded up when calculated, unless stated otherwise.