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Public Policy Review (China)

article markMarch (Vol.11, No.1): "China: Economic Policy and Political Regime under Xi Jinping"
  • ・Economic Reform and Policy of the Xi Jinping Leadership (Osamu Tanaka)
  • ・Government of Xi Jinping and China’s Political Power Structure (Kazuko Kojima)
  • ・China’s Fiscal Position and Policy, the Current Status of Local government Debt Problem and Challenges (Jiro Naito)
  • ・Reforms of China’s Financial and Capital Markets: Problems of Shadow Banking and Bad Loans (Eiichi Sekine)
  • ・China’s External Economic Policy in Shifting Development Pattern (Hideo Ohashi)
  • ・Xi Jinping Regime Trying to Avert “Two Traps”― Will the policy of “tilting leftward politically and tilting rightward economically” be sustainable?― (Chi Hung KWAN)
  • ・Study of China’s Social Security Systems and Inequality (Long Ke)
  • ・Structural Changes in the Chinese Economy and the Japan-China Economic Relationship (Kiyoyuki Seguchi)
article markApril (Vol.6 No.4)
  • ・Meeting the Challenges of Financial Crisis― China’s Practice:from Developing Countries’ Prospective (Jia Kang)
article markMarch (Vol.6 No.3)
  • ・Fiscal System and Policy in China ─ Transition and Tasks of Thirty-year-Reform and Opening policy ─ (Jiro Naito)
  • ・Relationship between Financial System Reform and Economic Development in China (Long Ke)
article markOctober (Vol.5 No.1)
  • ・Chinese Informal Financial Systems and Economic Growth -A Case Study of China’s Small and Medium Enterprises- (Cong Ji)