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Policy Research Institute



Public Policy Review

July 2018
Vol. 14   No. 4

Policy Research Institute

Quantitative Analysis of Japan's Public Finance and Economy
article markMacro-model analysis of Japan’s economic and fiscal conditions:
Analysis by the Office of Econometric Analysis for Fiscal and Economic Policy, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance (PDF:794KB)
Takahide Koike
Katsuyuki Hasegawa
Takeshi Kogawa
Daisuke Ishikawa
Daizo Kojima
article markJapan’s Long-Term Care Cost Projections:
Comparison with the European Commission Ageing Report (PDF:1579KB)
Seika Akemura
Daizo Kojima
article markWhat Causes Errors in Projections of Medical and Long-term Care Expenses?(PDF:1612KB)
Yuki Demizu
Daizo Kojima
Takahide Koike
article markThe Effects of Capital Taxation Using Dynamic Macro-Econometric Model of the Japanese Economy
―Simulation Analysis Including Households without Financial Assets― (PDF:1577KB)
Daisuke Ishikawa
Dun-Yen Wang
Masahiko Nakazawa
article markPolicy Simulation of Government Expenditure and Taxation Based on the DSGE Model(PDF:3005KB)
Go Kotera
Saisuke Sakai
article markAccuracy and speed of the solution methods for sovereign default models:
The stable performance of the Tauchen method and cubic spline interpolation (PDF:2655KB)
Takefumi Yamazaki
article markJapan’s Inequality and Redistribution:
The Perspectives of Human Capital and Taxation/Social Insurance (PDF:2680KB)
Masakazu Kumakura
Daizo Kojima
article markThe Saving Behavior of Elderly People in Japan:
Analysis Based on Micro-Data from the National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure (PDF:10888KB)
Masahiko Nakazawa
Kazuaki Kikuta
Yasutaka Yoneta
article markEstimation of Inheritance Taxation Using Micro Data from the National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure (PDF:2652KB)
Shun Hioki
article markThe Discrepancy Between the Household Saving Rates Micro and Macro Statistics:
An Adjustment Method (PDF:936KB)
Takashi Unayama
Yasutaka Yoneta
article markDecomposition Approach on Changes in Redistributive Effects of Taxes and Social Insurance Premiums (PDF:2613KB)
Taro Ohno
Takahiro Kodama
Ryutaro Matsumoto