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1.BUDGET  [Excel(Excel:124KB)]

1-1Net Account of Central Government and Local Governments

1-2Net Total of General Account, Special Accounts, Budgets of Government-Affiliated Agencies and Local Government Finance Plan

1-3Historical Trends of General Account

1-4General Account Budget Revenues

1-5Tax Receipt Estimates

1-6General Account Budget Expenditures

(1)by Major Program

(2)by Purpose

(3)by Agency

1-7Special Account Budgets

1-8Budgets of Government-Affiliated Agencies

1-9Fiscal Investment and Loan Program (FILP) Plan

1-10Sources of Funds in the FILP

1-11FILP Classified by Function

1-12Local Government Finance Plan

2.TAX  [Excel(Excel:121KB)]

2-1Tax Burden

(1)Percentage of National Income

(2)Per Capita

2-2National Tax Receipts as a Percentage of Budget Expenditures and Revenues

2-3National Tax Receipts

2-4Statistics of Taxation about Self-assessed Income Tax

2-5Statistics of Taxation about Withholding Income Tax

(1)Amount of Withholding Income Tax

(2)Number of Withholding agents

2-6Statistics of Taxation about Corporation Tax (FY 2014)

(1)Taxation for current accounting period

(2)Number of corporations by income range

2-7Statistics of Taxation about Inheritance Tax

(1)Amount of Inheritance Tax

(2)Number of persons, Taxable value, and Amount of tax (2014)

2-8Statistics of Taxation about Consumption Tax (FY 2014)

(1)Amount of Consumption Tax

(2)Number of notifications of taxable business enterprises, etc.

2-9Local Tax Receipts

3.FOREIGN TRADE  [Excel(Excel:66KB)]

3-1Value of Exports and Imports by Region (Country)



3-2Value of Exports and Imports by Principal Commodity

3-3Foreign Trade Indexes (Based on yen)

(1)Summary Indexes

(2)Quantum Indexes

(3)Unit Indexes

3-4Value of Exports and Imports, Country by Commodity (2015)



4.PUBLIC FINANCE  [Excel(Excel:44KB)]

4-1Receipts and Payments of the Treasury Funds with the Private Sector

4-2Central Government Debt

(1)Outstanding Government Bonds and Borrowings

(2)Outstandings Government Guaranteed Debts

5.BALANCE OF PAYMENTS  [Excel(Excel:101KB)]

5-1Balance of Payments

(1)Summary Table

(2)Breakdown by Region (CY 2015)

5-2Direct Investment Assets/Liabilities

(1)Summary Table

(2)Country Breakdown (CY 2015)

(3)Breakdown by Region and Industry (CY 2015)

5-3International Investment Position of Japan

(1)Recently Data

(2)Historical Data

5-4International Transaction in Securities

5-5Official Reserve Assets



6-2Ordinary profits

6-3Raito of ordinary profits to sales

6-4Investment in plant and equipment


(1)All Industries



6-6Liabilities and Net assets

(1)All Industries



6-7Cash dividends

(1)All Industries



6-8Value added

(1)All Industries



7.GDP  [Excel(Excel:37KB)]

7-1Real GDP

7-2Nominal GDP


Main Economic Indicators of Japan  [Excel(Excel:442KB)]

Correction of Figures

*The fiscal year in Japan begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the next year.

PDF Document (full edition)  [PDF(PDF:732KB)]