Providing support to the Banking and Finance Academy (BFA)
(Visiting Uzbekistan for Exchanges of Opinions with Related Organizations, Master’s
defense of BFA Student and Special Lectures)

The Banking and Finance Academy (BFA) of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a higher education institution which was established in 1996 with the aim of improving Uzbekistan’s financial, fiscal, and tax policies and administration to an international level. Since the foundation of BFA, the Policy Research Institute (PRI) has provided BFA with various forms of assistance as part of its intellectual support for human resource development in Uzbekistan, including recommending and dispatching the First vice Rector of BFA (part-time), accepting the BFA students for the seminar held in Japan, and delivering special lectures at BFA.

Mr. Minoru Nakamura, Senior Research Fellow of PRI, and Mr. Kensaku Munenaga, First vice Rector of BFA and Senior Research Fellow of PRI, visited Uzbekistan with a view to exchanging opinions with high officials in Uzbekistan including Mr. Ashrafkhanov Bakhrom, Deputy Minister of Finance.

In addition, Mr. Munenaga participated in the Master's defense of BFA students and delivered special lectures for the BFA and the Urgench State University students.


1. Exchanges of opinions with Related Organizations

We had meetings to exchange opinions about the politic and economic situation in Uzbekistan as well as our activities in Uzbekistan.


We exchanged opinions with:

  • The Banking and Finance Academy (BFA)
  • Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Uzbekistan Banking Association
  • Embassy of Japan In Uzbekistan
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Uzbekistan Office
  • Urgench State University


Photo of meeting
【Meeting with Mr. Ashrafkhanov Bakhrom, Deputy Minister of Finance】

2. Interviews with BFA Students

BFA students are required to submit their master’s theses to complete their 24-month course at the BFA. Mr. Munenaga interviewed ten BFA students who participated in the Seminar for Central Asian and Caucasian Countries in 2018.


Photo of Master’s Dissertation Defense 1Poto of Master’s Dissertation Defense 2
【Master’s Dissertation Defense】

3. Special Lectures delivered by Mr. Munenaga, Senior Research Fellow of PRI

Mr. Munenaga delivered special lectures at BFA and Urgench State University.


   Title:The World Economy and Uzbekistan & Japan - How to cope with “Globalization”-


Photo ofSpecial Lecture
【Special Lecture】


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