Seminar on Economic Policies 2019

Policy Research Institute (PRI) held its “Seminar on Economic Policies 2019” from May 13 to June 7, 2019, in Tokyo. This annual seminar is aimed at helping participating countries to develop their human resources, through the dissemination of knowledge regarding the Japanese fiscal and economic system to young executive candidates from Finance Ministries of developing countries, especially those in Asia, with which Japan has close social and economic relations. 17 officials from 13 Asian countries and 1 Japanese official participated this year. And 2 students from Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo and 3 students from School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University participated in the seminar as observers.


1. Policy Lectures

Lectures on Japan’s economy and finances were delivered by MOF/PRI and other relevant government institutions, scholars, and experts.

Policy lectures

[Policy Lecture]

2. General Lectures

Lectures on Japanese culture and society were delivered by scholars and experts.

Poto of General lecture

[General Lecture]

3. Group Work

The participants formed several groups according to the topics they chose in light of their respective national policy issues. Each group identified common issues within group members, discussed policy recommendations for their own countries under the guidance of a scholar or expert, and presented their group policy papers as the outcome.

Poto of Group work Presentation on Group Policy paper

[Group Work (left), Presentation (right)]


4. Field Trips

The participants visited Bank of Japan, the National Diet, Yokohama Customs, Tokyo Ueno Tax Office, Accounting Center, Japan Mint etc. to understand Japan’s economic and social circumstances.

Ueno Tax Office

[Yokohama Customs]


5. Closing Ceremony

Certificate of Completion was given to each participant by President Minami.

Poto of Closing Ceremony

[Closing Ceremony]


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