Policy Research Institute


Visit for Final Assessment of Technical Cooperation / Phase2
on SME Finance for Lao Development Bank

   The Policy Research Institute (PRI) has conducted technical cooperation project/phase2 on SME Finance for Lao Development Bank (LDB) in conjunction with Japan Finance Corporation, Micro Business and Individual Unit (JFC-Micro).


   The PRI and JFC-Micro visited LDB’s branches in Vientiane in order to conduct meetings with LDB’s branch staff about a final assessment for the project from 23 to 25 August, 2017.


   In addition, we also invited the Ministry of Finance, Lao PDR, the Bank of Lao PDR, the Department of SME Promotion, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, JICA and Embassy of Japan in the Lao PDR and held a closing ceremony.

   At the ceremony, JFC-Micro, LDB and JICA Expert gave presentations on efforts and outcomes of the technical assistance.



Scenes from the 4th seminar1
Scenes from the 4th seminar2