Policy Research Institute


Bookkeeping Course
for Elementary Examination Level in Lao PDR

   The Policy Research Institute (PRI), in collaboration with the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) and the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) held a bookkeeping course for elementary examination level in Vientiane, Lao PDR.


   The course based on Japanese elementary examination conducted by The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held three days between 29 and 31 January, 2018. There were 81 participants including enterprise executives, managers and staff as well as government officials. The certificates of course completion were issued to 20 participants who obtained the marks set by the course organizers.


   Mr. Oudet SOUVANNAVONG, President of LNCCI commented that the bookkeeping needs in Lao PDR are very high and LNCCI has already built a special team in order to hold bookkeeping seminars and courses independently.


1st Day (29 Jan.)


  • - “Bookkeeping’s effectiveness” (Osamitsu YAMADA, President, KCCI)
  • - “Introduction to outline of bookkeeping” (Mr. Teppei URAKAMI, Keiribank Co., Ltd)
  • - “Fundamental of bookkeeping” (same as above)
  • - “Accounting for merchandising” (same as above)
  • - “Cash and deposit” (same as above)

2nd Day (30 Jan.)


  • - “Loans receivable and loans payable” (same as above)
  • - “Other transaction” (same as above)
  • - “Other transaction and fixed assets” (same as above)
  • - “Capital and how to keep book” (same as above)

3rd Day (31 Jan.)


  • - “How to make trial balance (TB)” (same as above)
  • - “Other transaction” (same as above)
  • - “Comprehension test” (same as above)
  • - “Several problems related to tax accounting” (Mr. Souphanh, Director, Tax Audit Division, Ministry of Finance, Lao PDR)


Bookkeeping Course1
Bookkeeping Course2