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Press Release

March 26, 2019

Ministry of Finance

Issuance of the Inflation-Indexed Bonds on April-June 2019


  • Issuance Amount on May 2019 will be about 400 billion yen.
  • Reopening method 1 issue in FY2019.
    May, August, November 2019 and February 2020 issues will be the issue No. 24.(Maturity:March 10, 2029, Reference CPI:December 2018)
  • Auction method is Dutch-style-price-competitive auction (0.05 yen bidding scale).
  • Auction Schedule of Buy-back Program of Inflation-Indexed Bonds on April-June 2019.
Auction Month
Buy-back amount
April 2019Approximately 20 billion yen
May 2019Not be implemented
June 2019Approximately 20 billion yen
TotalApproximately 40 billion yen

  (Note1)The auctions will be conducted once in April and June.
  (Note2)Issues eligible for the buy-backs will be those from issue number 17 to 23 for April auction and 17 to 24 
                   for June auction. 
  (Note3)The Ministry of Finance reserves the right not to accept part or all of bids.


The plan could be changed owing to market conditions and others.