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Ministry of Finance

Balance of Offshore Accounts(as of the end of July 2020)

The Balance of Offshore Accounts as of the end of July 2020 is as follows.

(¥100 million, %)

ItemTotal balanceDenominated in Foreign CurrencyDenominated in yen
 To non-residents To non-residents To non-residents
Deposits /Call Loans30,78027,46225,82223,2694,9584,193
Inter-Office Accounts484,775484,775362,211362,211122,564122,564
Total Assets777,085773,350641,208638,238135,877135,112
 Monthly change (%)-9.1-9.0-10.5-10.5-1.5-1.4
(Ref.) Total Assets at the end of the previous month854,772850,182716,832713,207137,940136,975
ItemTotal balanceDenominated in Foreign CurrencyDenominated in yen
 To non- residents To non- residents To non- residents
Deposits/ Call Money64,78861,78056,84154,2987,9477,482
Borrowed Money19,70419,41018,42518,3311,2791,079
Inter-Office Accounts85,68185,68185,56185,561120120
Total Liabilities170,247166,937160,900158,2569,3478,681
 Monthly change (%)
(Ref.) Total Liabilities at the end of the previous month166,789161,380155,462151,02011,32710,360

1. The figures of the previous months might be revised at the monthly publication.

2. Figures are not rounded out after 2014.