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Statement by Finance Minister Taro Aso on ADB President Kuroda's intention to resign

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February 28, 2013

Statement by the Minister of Finance

  1. Upon nomination for a candidate of the Governor of the Bank of Japan, Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda expressed today his intention to resign President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) effective as of March 18.

  2. Mr. Kuroda has served as President of the ADB for more than eight years since February 2005. He has led the thorough reforms of the ADB, including formulating a long-term strategy of the institution and strengthening its financial resources. Under his strong leadership, the ADB has effectively promoted growth and reduced poverty in the Asia-Pacific region. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my great respect and sincere gratitude for his contribution to the region. Going forward, I would expect Mr. Kuroda to use his outstanding talent to steer monetary policy of Japan, to which increasing importance is attached in the international community in view of the shared interest of global economic prosperity.

  3. Japan, as a country of the Asia-Pacific region, fully recognizes the critical importance of the ADB in the region. Japan has been making significant financial contributions to the ADB and providing needed human resources including Presidents since its establishment. For the successor to Mr. Kuroda, Japan is to nominate swiftly the most qualified candidate to fulfill important responsibilities of the President of the ADB, who can work closely with Asian countries as well as other players in the international community.