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Press Release

May 25, 2018

Ministry of Finance

Issuance of Commemorative Coin for the MEIJI150th

The Ministry of Finance has decided to issue the coin commemorating the MEIJI150th as part of the related measures, as follows:

○Commemorative Coin for the MEIJI150th
(Obverse side)
Early Meiji period train station and logo of the related measures for the MEIJI150th campaign
(Reverse side)
Design from the obverse side of the 20 yen gold coin issued in the early Meiji period
Denomination1,000 yen
QualityPure silver
Weight31.1 g
Diameter40 mm
ColorsWhite, gray, black, blue-green, sky blue, blue-purple, purple, red, brown, yellow and green-
Other featuresHelical ridges, etc.
Number of coins issued50,000
Scheduled time of sales
(Estimated shipping date)
About three weeks from August 3, 2018
(From around early October 2018)
Sales price (tax included)9,000 yen

(Note 1) Since this commemorative coin uses a precious metal as its base material and is crafted with special technologies, the cost required to manufacture the coin exceeds its face value, making it a premium-grade commemorative coin.

(Note 2) For the design details, please see Reference.

(Note 3) This commemorative coin will not be exchanged at financial institutions but will be made available through mail order by the Japan Mint. The sales information, including ordering procedures, will be announced on the website of the Japan Mint (https://www.mint.go.jp/) at 5:00 pm on August 2, 2018. Please check the information on this website or call the Japan Mint Hello Dial (050-5548-8686; available from 8:00 to 21:00, every day of the year) starting at that time and date.


Currency Planning Section, Office of Currency Matters, Treasury Division, Financial Bureau

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