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FY2015 Pre-analysis Tables

(provisional translation)

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Pre-analysis Tables

  • General GoalsPDF[212KB]
  • Policy Goal 1PDF[206KB]

    Maintain stable public finance.

  • Policy Goal 2PDF[95KB]

    Realize fair and equitable taxation.

  • Policy Goal 3PDF[399KB]

    Appropriate management of national government assets and liabilities.

  • Policy Goal 4PDF[162KB]

    Maintain credit to the nation’s currency and credit.

  • Policy Goal 5PDF[239KB]

    Maintain trade order and promote the sound development of trade.

  • Policy Goal 6PDF[190KB]

    Promote stable and sound development of the international financial system and economic and social development in developing countries.

  • Policy Goal 7~11PDF[231KB]

    Ensure the appropriate management of corporations, operation, etc. under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance.

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