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Let's Think About Taxes(June 2012)

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01 Significance and Role of Tax ......P03 1.78MB
  • Taxes are a form of membership dues to society.
  • Adequate and stable taxes are required to fund public services
  • Principles of Fairness, Transparency and Confidence
  • A tax system adaptable to structural changes in economy and society
02 Changing Social and Economic Structures ......P05 1.41MB
  • Declining birthrate and aging society
  • Growing social security costs
  • Economic slowdown and globalization
03 Current Status of National Finance ......P07 1.65MB
  • Expenditure and revenue
  • Trends in fiscal condition
  • Trends in balance of government bonds and international comparison of government debts
  • International comparison of national burden ratio
  • Lifetime benefits and burdens, by generation
  • Comparing the government budget to a household budget
  • Impacts of fiscal deficit
04 Current Status of the Tax System ......P11 2.68MB
  • Types of taxes
  • Trends in tax revenue, by tax item
  • Individual income tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Review of special taxation measures
  • Consumption tax
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